Jamie Loeb Serve Plus One Tennis Drill

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Why Is The Serve In Tennis So Difficult? One Main Reason...

http://www.feeltennis.net/why-serve-difficult/ If there's one stroke you're very likely still struggling with in your tennis game then it's likely the serve. You've been working on your serve technique for long time and yet you're nowhere close to the technique and power that the pros possess. A tennis serve is technically the most difficult stroke but there is one single cause from which many other challenges arise - and that's the Continental grip. As soon as you decide to use a Continental grip in your tennis serve, everything that you knew so far about the serve that made sense is not correct any more. You can't orient towards the court and you can't swing towards the target. The Continental grip changes everything by 90 degrees and instead of still persisting with the common sense approach to serving, you'll need to change. You'll also need to develop more power in the pronation move as only then will you be able to make the best of the Continental grip.

Tennis 2017 - Top Craziest FUNNY Moments

These are most funniest moments of 2017, Hope you enjoy it

【テニス】この二人はなんだ…キリオスとブラウンの試合が面白すぎる!!【衝撃】The best plays【Kyrgios VS Brown】

ほぼベストプレー!? キリオスとブラウンの試合が面白すぎる!! 続きは動画をご覧下さい! 【テニス】キリオスとブラウンの試合が面白すぎる!!【衝撃】The best plays【Kyrgios VS Brown】 チャンネル登録をお願いします。 →https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz4MnSSneVC6k_lf6TkC-Vw Facebook→https://www.facebook.com/tennissoul397/ Twitter→https://twitter.com/1310mtk ◆オススメ動画や関連動画はこちら ●【テニス】キリオスのプレーにズベレフはついていけるか!?【衝撃】The best points【Kyrgios vs Zverev】 https://youtu.be/bFafY3oqpxY ●【テニス】なかなか試合を終わらせない!?シモンの執念の一撃ショット!!【衝撃】The best shots【Gilles Simon】 https://youtu.be/JJ5Vu2fA0-0 ●【テニス】ジョコビッチからポイントを取るフェデラーがとにかく上手い。【衝撃】The best points of federer【VS Djokovic】 https://youtu.be/MU1ce4xCagQ ◆引用元 チャンネル名 Den Lee https://youtu.be/6sivsPHuXjU ◆音源引用元 http://www.hurtrecord.com/bgm/theme.html ======================================== ★著作権に関する記述★ 内容には細心の注意をして掲載しておりますが、 もし、この動画で使われているコンテンツ(音楽や画像、映像)を所有しており 私のチャンネルに表示したくない場合は、 個人的にメッセージやメールでお知らせください。 コンテンツは24時間以内に削除いたします。 ✉️ryo0424.1310.mtk@gmail.com ========================================

ATP Tennis - Top 10 Unbelievable Defensive Skill [HD]

ATP Tennis - Unbelievable Defensive Skill Follow us on Facebook : https://ouo.io/kKO6ZAF Here is my list - Top ten of defensive points with unbelievable skill. Its really insane and amazing, dont miss this. And it just my list, tell me your favorite points to part 2 ^^ Enjoys ! And What Top 10 next ?

How To Hit Perfect Tennis Return of Serves In 3 Simple Steps

http://www.top-tennis-training.com/ How To Hit Perfect Tennis Return of Serves In 3 Simple Steps. The tennis return of serve is the second most important shot in tennis after the serve itself, however many tennis players think the return of serve is simply like a normal tennis forehand or backhand groundstroke. This couldn'e be further from the truth, the return of serve in tennis is more like a forehand or backhand block shot (somtimes known as a jab shot) where the aim is to keep the swing as short as possible and redirect the ball using the power from the oncoming ball. Here are the three simple steps to hitting perfect return of serves in tennis: Step One - A good ready position and split step. Holding the racket in the forehand grip on the bottom hand and the backhand grip on the top hand if you are a two handed backhand player or the throat of the racket if you are a single handed backhand player. Timing the split step so that you land around the time of contact on the opponents serve. Slightly later will also work but if you land too late, you will be late for the return and put yourself at a disadvantage. Their are two main ways to move into the split step, the first way is to take a step forwards and then jump into the split step, Andy Murray is famous for using this method. The second way is to stay on the spot and jump into a split step from the ready position, Novak Djokovic uses this method. Step Two - Using a compact, abbreviated backswing. On the tennis return of serve you want to go forwards to meet the ball out in front and cut off the possible angles that your opponent has to use, in order to do this you need to keep your swings smaller than usual so that you can time the ball out in front. The biggest issue that most players face when returning serve is using a swing that is too big which causes them to be late for the shot. Using the shoulder and hip rotation and keeping the swing with your hand very compact will allow you to make contact out in front more often than not. Step Three - The intention on the return of serve. On the first serve your goal should be to get the ball back in play, however you do that. This might mean using a chip return. Roger Federer is well known for using the chip return against bigger servers just to get himself into the point. If you miss the return of serve you are giving your opponent a free point, they have simply swung their racket on the serve and win the point. By making the return, however you may do so, you are forcing your opponent to follow up their serve with a good first strike, over the course of a tennis match this pressure will build and you should be rewarded for this especially in the crunch moments of a tennis match. On the second serve you have options, you can be more aggressive and attack their serve to put pressure back on them. That second serve might be the shortest ball you get all point, so why not attack it and give yourself the edge right away. You can also simply block the return of serve while taking it slightly earlier to take time away from the server. If you enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment and subscribe to the channel and please be sure to turn on the notifications so YouTube send you our newest videos as soon as we release them.

Jamie Loeb Serve Plus One Tennis Drill

WTA player, Jamie Loeb teaches us one of her favorite drills -- serve plus one.

Practice and perfect this one to start the point in an aggressive fashion.

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Jamie Loeb Serve Plus One Tennis Drill

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