SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ agA lethal hit rules

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Duo Pop-Up Event Scrims / 960+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

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Soul Calibur VI Yoshimitsu Combo Video!!

Please like and subscribe. Yoshimitsu has many more combos but I find these are his best some of his better options when fighting.[SC] [RE] A A [DF] K A Can work too IS= Indian Stance DF= Dragon Fly Flea=Flea...Duhh SDF= Super Dragon Fly JF= Just Frame LH= Lethal Hit RE= Reversal Edge CH= Counter Hit WR= While Rising WC= While Crouching

[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 2 [ Dark Legacy and In Depth Combo ]

[ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 2 [ Dark Legacy Guide, Wall Combo Guide , Lethal Hit Combo ] [ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 1 [Intro and Basic Combo] [ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 3 - [ Guard Impact, Reversal Edge, and Guard Crush ] [ Soul Calibur VI ] - Siegfried Guide Episode 4 - [ Ring out , Punish , Tech Trap ] Follow us @ Notation Explaination : Dark Legacy 0:05 Dark Legacy explaination 1:26 LH 3[B] , SCH[B] , 66A+B 1:33 LH 66[A+B] , a:[B] 1:41 SBH B , 6A+B , 66A+B 1:46 LH SRSH [K] , SRSH B. 6A+B, 6A+B, 66A+B 1:54 LH SRSH B , 6A+B , 66A+B Wall Combo Guide 2:08 Wall Starter 2:50 Wall Resplat 3:16 4B, W! , 236KKKKK 3:24 CHBB, W!, 66KK, W! , 6[B], SCH K[K], SCH A[A], SRSH A+B 3:33 FC1A+G, W!, 22_88BBK, W!, 6[B], SCHK[K], SCHA[A], SRSH A+B 3:44 CH 66KK, W!, 6AA, W!, 6AB , 2A+B 3:52 CH6AA, W!, 6K , W!, 6[B], SCHK[K], SCH B, a:[B] , SBH K 4:00 4B,W!, SC4A+BB 4:09 FC1A+G, W!, B+K, SCH B, a:[B] , SBH K 4:17 FC1A+G, W!, 22_88BBK, W!, 6A+B, 66A+B 4:25 CH6AA,W!,66KK, W!, 6AB, 6A+B, CE Lethal Hit Combo 4:49 LH CH 3[B], SCH [B],66A+B 4:55 LH 6A+G, 66A+B 5:03 LH 6A+G, a:[B] , SBH K 5:10 LH SCH B, 3[B], SCH A+B 5:17 LH SCH B, 6[B], SCHK[K], SCHA[A], SRSH A+B 5:26 LH SCH B, B+K, SBH B, 66A+B 5:35 LH A+B, SSH BBB 5:41 B+K (Auto GI), LH SBH B, 66[A+B], a:[B], SBH K 5:50 LH ag:A, 66A+B, a:[B] Must Just Frame 5:59 LH 66[A+B], a:[B], SBH K 6:05 LH SRSH [K], SRSH B, 66A+B 6:11 LH SRSH [K], SRSH A, 66B 6:20 LH SRSH [K], SC SRSH AA, 66B 6:27 LH SRSH B, 66A+B 6:33 LH SRSH B, 3[B], SCH A+B 6:38 LH 6A+G, BB, W!, 66KK, W! , 4KAAA 6:49 LH SRSH [K], SRSH A. W!, 66KK, W!, 22_88BB[B], SCH KB 6:58 LH SRSH [K], SRSH A, W!, 66KK, W!, 6[B], SCH K[K], SCH A[A], SRSH A+B 7:09 LH SRSH B, BB, W!, 66KK, W!, 22_88BB[B], SCH SC KA+B, a:[B], SC SBH K Special Thanks and Credit : To be continued.... Episode 3 will take a while #Siegfried #SoulCalibur6 #SC6Guide

Soul Calibur VI - Yoshimitsu combo exhibition

The new Yoshimitsu is awesome! :D All combos, techs and set ups created and performed by Comic-Ari (PSN). SHAREfactory™!/de-de/tid=CUSA00572_00

How I Learn Just Frames - Soul Calibur VI

It's uncanny how easy it can be!

They have to be in the same move as the one that was blocked. Yoshimitsu's 3B into dragonfly for example does not let you lethal hit

SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-ca/tid=CUSA09903_00

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