guacamelee glitch

author Zetamoon   3 год. назад

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Guacamelee - 1,000,000 Hit Combo on Final Boss! (The Never Ending Combo)

1. Get him to freeze like I showed you 2. Get all the hits you want as long as his shield is up. (1000000 if you want) 3. Disable his shield to finish him

Little inferno hidden combo

This is the 'last' combo of the game

Guacamelee Silver Coin GLITCH!!!!

I forgot to say this spot is just after you get the double jump in the tree map Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition!/en-us/tid=CUSA00151_00

Guacamelee - Difficulty Glitch - Easy That was Hard Mode? Trophy

EDIT: This glitch has been fixed in an update. You can still delete the update, but I am not sure, if you can use the cloud save function. There is a easy way to get the That was Hard Mode? trophy. 1. First beat the game on normal mode and have a save 2. Have at the last save point. 3. Exit out to the main menu. Optional Backup save to the cloud for safety 4. Select New Game Hard 5. Cancel 6. Go into options 7. Cancel 8. Continue 9. You are now in hard mode. 10. Beat the final boss and get the trophy. You can also use this trick to revert back to normal mode, if you get stuck in hard mode. This glitch was not found by me, but by users on the forums.

Lets Attempt Guacamelee episode 1

First time attempting to film, instead of just live stream. Any advise or suggestions greatly enjoyed. Sorry for video skip about half way in, sound chopped. Welcome to the new youtube series Zetamoon attempts to play video games. I am not some amazing game master, but do enjoy to play, so what happens when a normal person tries to play games that the masters do? Expect much language and failing along the way.

As the title says. I have been enjoying this game over all, but these glitches are getting a bit annoying now.....
For those that don't know, this room has enemies that spawn along with the 'bomb' type enemies. You have to kill the main enemies while also getting the bombs out of the way. Only problem? Here I KILLED all the enemies, and the room isn't finishing.

I had to exit game and redo it twice more, before it completed. I don't know what was going on.......Its errors like this that prevent the game from being a great game for me.

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