British grenadiers march — British line infantry attack

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The Experience of War in the 18th Century

Boy...the limeys sure are getting clobbered in this one...

American Civil War- Battle of James Island

54th Massachusetts Main article: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry The most famous regiment that fought for the Union in the battle of Fort Wagner was the 54th regiment, which was one of the first African-American regiments in the war. The 54th was controversial in the North, where many people supported the abolition of slavery, but still treated African-Americans as lesser or inferior to whites, and would do so well past World War II. Though some claimed blacks could not fight as well as whites, the actions of the 54th Massachusetts demonstrated once again the fallacy in that argument, as this was not the first time blacks ever fought in war or even for the United States. Many blacks had fought in the American Revolution on both sides and again in the War of 1812, as well as in over 250 slave revolts in the United States alone. William Carney, an African-American and a sergeant with the 54th, is considered the first black recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions at Fort Wagner in recovering and returning the unit's U.S. Flag to Union lines.After the battle, the Southern soldiers buried the regiment's commanding officer, Colonel Shaw, in a mass grave with the African-American soldiers of his regiment, viewing this as an insult to him. Instead, his family thanked the Southern soldiers for burying Shaw with his men.That site is no longer visible; the land has eroded into Charleston harbor, and the remains of Colonel Shaw and his men have been washed out to sea by Atlantic hurricanes.

Tank Duel at Cologne Germany March 6th 1945. 3D (Bill Ratekin)

I use 3D studio max to show you a view of the Pershing vs Panzer that has not been presented like this before.

This is NOT How you Fire in Three Ranks! - The Accuracy of "Revolution" (1985) Part III

Well, it has been some time, hasn't it? But all the same, the journey must go on, and so we pick up right where we left off with the British regulars' assault on rebel lines! They attempt to push the Doodles back with three crisp volleys and a zealous bayonet charge- but only accomplish such by completely disregarding the commands of their Sergeant Major and through what appears to be divine intervention preventing friendly fire killing off their entire force. Indeed, in this our final video of pedantic complaining on this battle scene, we seem some of the absolute worst offenses to historical accuracy I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing. And yet, there are also a great deal many scenes that I greatly enjoy...oh well, yet another video I suppose! My artillery video I reference in this video: The video in the upper-right corner (see first comment for explanation) If you would like to support the Channel on Patreon:

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A short video about marching british line infantry with sounds of "British grenadiers" march.

From: Barry Lyndon

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