Prince Phantom Pro 93P Racquet Review

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Why Is The Serve In Tennis So Difficult? One Main Reason... If there's one stroke you're very likely still struggling with in your tennis game then it's likely the serve. You've been working on your serve technique for long time and yet you're nowhere close to the technique and power that the pros possess. A tennis serve is technically the most difficult stroke but there is one single cause from which many other challenges arise - and that's the Continental grip. As soon as you decide to use a Continental grip in your tennis serve, everything that you knew so far about the serve that made sense is not correct any more. You can't orient towards the court and you can't swing towards the target. The Continental grip changes everything by 90 degrees and instead of still persisting with the common sense approach to serving, you'll need to change. You'll also need to develop more power in the pronation move as only then will you be able to make the best of the Continental grip.

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Click For Free Video: Picking a Tennis Racket: The Truth Not Marketing (Part 1 of 4) If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of all the marketing "hype" behind selling tennis rackets. Every year, the latest greatest racket is the fastest, most spinningest, laser controlled, racket that has ever been! By now we should all be hitting 500mph serves! So I decided to get behind the smoke and mirrors to take a deep dive into the real science of the tennis racket. What really creates power, spin and control. Once you truly understand the science behind the racket, you will be able to choose the perfect one for you. I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis. Clay Ballard E-Tennis Website: Click Here to Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Twitter:

Prince Phantom 93P Racquet Review

One of the best mids of all time? Possibly. Still, not the easiest to use. But if you have the game for it, what a racquet! Written review: More racquet reviews and what racquets the pro players use: Thanks for watching!

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Prince Phantom Pro 93P Racquet Review

Loaded with outstanding control and feel, this racquet reminds of frames from the past. Prince is back with this racquet which is like nothing else on the market currently!

The 93 square inch frame is loaded with flexible feel, control, precision and feels solid at impact. Our playtesters loved this racquet that remind them of a blast from the past.

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Prince Phantom Pro 93P Racquet Review

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