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JUBE Select #08 - L'histoire du Panasonic Q (Gamecube)

Dans cet épisode de JUBE SELECT, nous avons mis la main sur un Nintendo Panasonic Q, une version "Deluxe" du GameCube. Nous en profitons pour en apprendre un peu plus sur cette rarissime console.

JUBE Nintendo Podcast 2-9

Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC pack 1, Splatoon 2, Mass Effec Andromeda et plein d'autres sujets!

Player One Podcast #568: Scooper Nintendo

This week! A special episode recorded live in Las Vegas, NV at Scoopfest ’17! With the impending release of the Super NES Classic Mini it seemed only right that we talk a little bit about the original days of the Super NES back in the ’90s. Plus, a mystery fifth chair appears in this episode. Special thanks to Paul Mattingly, Matt Donnelly, Jacob the Audio Guy, and all the Scoops at Scoopfest for making this special live episode possible. Join us, won’t you? http://www.playeronepodcast.com http://www.heyscoops.com

A Heated Mother 4 Debate | Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 30

Get the audio only version here: https://nathanjanc.podbean.com/e/nintendo-prime-podcast-ep-30/ Get this podcast early, or guest on it, by supporting us on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nintendoprime

The Roundtable Podcast - 2/6/2015 [Episode 1]

Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/roundtable iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-roundtable-podcast/id964743670 TIMESTAMPS: 3:28 - Nintendo Revenue Share Program 25:42 - Mortal Kombat X Special Editions 40:36 - Halo MCC Nonsense 52:12 - Darkest Dungeon 1:12:50 - Early Access Pros & Cons 1:22:06 - Dying Light 1:39:42 - Nick's Weird Games The pilot episode of The Roundtable Podcast with Northernlion, RockLeeSmile, MathasGames and BaerTaffy. After we did the year-end indie game roundtable we noted that it seemed you were interested in more of us chatting about various game industry related topics while being our usual silly selves, so we decided perhaps a proper podcast was in order. This being our first real episode any feedback or criticism is very much appreciated. Of course if you like the idea, consider supporting our Patreon to keep the show going! We really hope you enjoy it! Nick - http://youtube.com/RockLeeSmile MathasGames - http://www.youtube.com/mathasgames BaerTaffy - http://www.youtube.com/baertaffy Music by Keith Woods - https://soundcloud.com/rcstudio

On parle un peu du dernier Nintendo Direct et surtout on discute du sort que Nintendo réserve à la NES classic edition!

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