Don't Starve Together: Year of the Varg (Part 1 - Fire Safety)

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Don't Starve Together: Year of the Varg (Part 2 - The Clay Varg)

It's an honor to battle the clay varg alongside that special someone in my life... Jorf the pig. O-oh, and Mistbored too, of course! Follow me on Twitter: @Bumbleborg If you enjoyed the video, please consider clicking the Like button. You'd be surprised, but it actually helps me out a lot! Don't Starve playlist:

Don't Starve Together: Playable Pets Mod (Playing as Krampus, the Dragonfly, and More!)

Mistbored and I play as everyone's favorite pets in Don't Starve, such as the catcoon, tallbird, and um... Krampus? The Playable Pets mod was done by Leonardo Coxington, and it can be picked up in the Don't Starve Together workshop on Steam. Follow me on Twitter: @Bumbleborg If you enjoyed the video, please consider clicking the Like button. You'd be surprised, but it actually helps me out a lot! Don't Starve playlist:

Don't Starve Together Guide: The Four Seasonal Bosses

Another weekend, another day for Beard to spread his knowledge of Don't Starve Together to the world! Today, we showcase just what you yourself will encounter as you progress through the four seasons of the game, and what you can do to make sure you get to live to the next one! Let's kill us some bosses! Thanks for watching! I hope it helps! Feel free to ask any questions regarding what is shown in the video below, or just add any input you please! I'll be seeing you for another soon! -Support us on Patreon: -Follow us on Twitter: -Worship The 7: -Watch live at -Purchase the game here:

Guide to KITING EVERY ENEMY in Don't Starve Together (and Reign of Giants!)

This Don't Starve Together guide includes; every neutral mob, every hostile mob, all bosses, and all raid bosses. The time-stamps for every mob will be in the pinned comment if you don't want to watch the entire video. This guide also works for a dont starve reign of giants guide for kiting, as the mobs usually function in the same way. This also basically functions as a guide to killing all the enemies in the game. Ancient Guardian: No need to kite him, you can get him stuck on anything indestructible and be barely out of his range. My favorite thing to get him stuck on is one of his own ancient pillars. Graves are also a great option. Ancient Fuelweaver: The Ancient Fuelweaver is very tricky to kite. After spawning the fuelweaver, run to the edge between land and void, when he slams his hand into the ground a bone cage will pop up around you, but since the player is near the void half the cage won't spawn. This allows you to dodge his attacks. After a bone cage attack he will usually attempt to attack you with his melee attack if he is within range. Bait an attack, dodge, hit three times. He also has a ranged attack, just stand away from the attack and it won't hit you. Also, while you are kiting him you must be sane, or else he will stun lock you and get a guaranteed hit. Ancient Skeleton: It's the same kiting pattern as the Fuelweaver's melee attack and bone cage attack. Klaus and Gem Deer: Put a no-eyed deer antler in the klaus sack to gain aggression, when klaus comes in range bait an attack from Klaus, dodge him, hit twice, run. The running distance is dependent on what attack he is using, if it is just melee, go barely outside his range (which is how far his claws go). If he is casting a spell with the gem deer run away until he is out of the freezing spot or fire spot, then continue kiting. Once you get to his second phase his melee attack gains a jump attack. He will jump at you then swipe with his claws. Hit twice after he does this, and run a long ways away, sidestepping is the best way to dodge the jump attack. You should also keep your distance after a magic attack with second phase Klaus. Krampus: I recommend a speedboost for kiting krampus, but it is not required, hit him to gain aggression, dodge, hit once, dodge, repeat until dead. Crawling Horror: Wait for it to hit once,dodge, then attack him, hold down ctrl+f once you've got a hit off in case it teleports inside of you, if he does not teleport inside of you your character will still swing in its general direction allowing you to know what direction they will be attacking from in the dark. It is possible to also hit the crawling horror while they are doing their attack and dodge them still as their attack is slow. Terrorbeak: Basically a faster and stronger form of the crawling horror that also has a smaller attack range,bait an attack, dodge and hit once, make sure to hold ctrl+f while it is teleporting. Spider Queen: Hit once, dodge, hit three times, dodge, repeat until she spawns a spider, hit her as much as you can while she is spawning it in, then dodge her attack afterwards and kill the spider she spawned. Then repeat from the beginning. Tallbird: Let it attack first and dodge, hit two or three times, and repeat. Tallbirds attack in an odd pattern, if they come very close to you before attacking, hit once, not two or three times. If they attack from far away, hit two of three times. You can also have it target another enemy and attack it without it trying to fight back. Tentacle: There are Two ways to kite a tentacle; Way one: Wait for the tentacle to start coming out of the ground, hit once and run fast. Way two, wait for the full tentacle attack cycle, then hit once, dodge and repeat until it's dead. Treeguard: Let it attempt to attack you and dodge if you spawned it, or attack once and dodge if something else spawned it, hit the treeguard four times in-between its attacks and run, then repeat, the smaller treeguards have smaller range. Moose/Goose: Hit it once to gain aggression and dodge, then do two attack and dodge, then another two hits and dodge. Then, its third attack won't be an attack, it's an area of effect weapon knockout, take off your weapon during this, after she uses the attack put back on your weapon and resume doing two hits and running. ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Music: Rogue Legacy Tracks 1,2, 11, 13 Don't Starve OST: Fight For Ruin ******************************************************************* Voice Actor: Keyboard

Don't Starve's Adventure Mode: Chapter 1 - The King of Winter

Adventure Mode is a story/campaign mode of Don't Starve. The world is split into successive chapters with their own themes, introduced by Maxwell. The objective of each chapter is to survive, gather all four pieces of the Wooden Thing, assemble it, and activate it in order to progress to the next chapter. If you enjoyed the video, please consider clicking the Like button. You'd be surprised, but it actually helps me out a lot! Follow me on Twitter @Bumbleborg If you're interested in picking up this game for yourself, be sure to visit You can see the rest of my Don't Starve playlist here:

In celebration of it being the Year of the Dog for the Chinese zodiac, Mistbored and I go on the hunt for a clay varg! Fingers crossed that next year is the Year of the Lasagna Loving Cat.

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If you enjoyed the video, please consider clicking the Like button. You'd be surprised, but it actually helps me out a lot!

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