Reading Activity was organized for the Young learners of MRIS-51, Gurgaon

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Pre-Reading Activities

Pre-Reading Activities

Phonics Fun - sh, ch, th, ng

This video shows an activity that can be used to teach children to read. Parents can help children acquire key literacy skills at home using phonics by making learning fun, using songs, chants and other entertaining activities. Visit or for more information.

Fun English Speaking Activity/Game

Instructions: After you have gone through your regular daily lesson, worksheet, dialogue, or expression, you can play this game. 1. Divide class into two teams. 2. Assign one person from each team to do paper, rock, scissors. The winner gets to go last or first. They get five seconds to decide as a team. 3. Take out your phone or stopwatch to time the group to see how fast they go. 4. Record their time on the board under their points. 5. Repeat 3 and 4 for the other team(s). 6. Which ever team is the fastest gets one point for their team. 7. Repeat the process with a different expression that was studied. Time/Points: If the team makes a grammar mistake or a pronunciation mistake I add one second to their final time. Winners: The winners get to leave class first, which means they can get the best seat on the school bus.

Yes No Questions Phonics Activity

A Phonics Table activity for your EYFS or Kindergarten classroom

Months of the Year for Kids | 12 Months | Months Baby | Months Children | Preschool Learning

Learn the Months of the Year for Kids and a few ways to identify each month through weather patterns, holidays in the USA, and common activities in this fun, engaging, and informative Children's Learning video from Learning Time Fun Jr! Review each month of the year in a call and repeat format. After the call and repeat section, an expanded comprehension section begins with explanations that dig deeper to help your toddler understand how to identify which month in the year it is. ABOUT LEARNING TIME FUN Learning Time Fun Jr. specializes in baby, toddler, kids, preschool, kindergarten, & first and second grade learning videos. We are enthusiastic about children education and believe that through the power of school, books, videos, and real world child learning, we can create more informed, educated, peaceful, and productive societies everywhere! Transcript: Let's learn the months of the year together! All Right! Repeat after me, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December How can I know what month it is? Great Question! Here are some ways to remember what month it is, January The month of January is one of the coldest of the year. The days are short and sometimes it snows. People celebrate the New Year by making resolutions, or goals to learn something new or do something better. February In February the weather is still cold, but it starts to warm up and the snow begins to melt. We celebrate Valentine's Day by expressing and showing our love to family and to our friends. March In the month of March the Spring season begins. Snow continues to melt and the days keep getting longer and warmer. Plants begin to bloom, or grow new leaves and flowers. Many people celebrate St. Patrick's Day during March. April Get your umbrellas and rain coat out because in the month of April it usually rains a lot. The rain provides needed moisture to plants, animals, and to humans. May In the month of May the flowers are in full bloom. The days continue to grow longer and warmer. May is often the last month of the school year. June In the month of June the Summer season begins. People love to spend the summertime barbecuing, swimming, playing, or reading outside. June is one of the warmest months of the year. July In the month of July we celebrate Independence Day, which is our country's birthday. We set off fireworks and have picnics and barbecues as families, friends, and neighbors. August In the month of August families often fit in their last summer trips before school starts up again; like camping, boating, visiting amusement parks, or seeing extended family. In August it's still very warm and the days are still long. September In September school starts up again in full swing. The season of Fall, or Autumn officially begins and the days become shorter and colder. October In October the days continue to grow colder and shorter. Most people celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costumes and going door to door asking for candy. November In November the days keep getting colder and shorter. Sometimes it even snows in November. Most people celebrate Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the feast between the Pilgrims and Native Americans that happened many years ago. December In the month of December the winter season officially begins. Many people celebrate Christmas and other holidays. There's a winter break from school so we can spend extra time with our family and friends. Super Cool! Great Job!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know…. The more that you learn, the more places you will go “

- Dr. Seuss

Reading is an adventure that never ends and a book is a gift which you can open again and again. To inculcate the habit of reading among students, Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51, Gurugram conducted a Reading Activity for the young learners of the school. Teachers of Kindergarten encouraged their children to read more and more – as it widens up their vision and gives them exposure to the beautiful world around them.

Apart from reading a book, other things were also being taken care of, which include handling a book carefully, flipping the pages softly, and reading the text from left to right and top to bottom.

Children were really excited to participate in this group activity and showcased their reading talents confidently. They were happy to add on to their vocabulary and develop their imagination.

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