SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ Siegfried btSCH B optimal combo

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soul calibur 5 characters special dialogue

Soul Calibur IV - Critical Finishes

Something different to upload, all the critical finishes in SCIV. Game has been out for a while, but why not. I don't have Yoda on mine, so didn't record his. The last 5 characters are special characters that have the same playstyle and critical finishes as the regular characters. Also ignore my costume change on Kilik lmao. I'm terrible at it. People been asking me for the Brawl textures I use. I made a blog about it a while ago on aib. So here you go, once again: It's a little outdated for the current textures I use, though. The rest can be found on BrawlVault:

Soul Calibur II - All Character Endings (GCN)

Sorry.. no PS2 or XBOX special characters.. *only Gamecube - "Link" This was quite a task to put all together, but in the end, I guess it was worth it :P Consider this as a tribute to Soul Calibur 2. Best fighter to come to any console by far. Besides, I needed to put my new GameBridge to work, so I decided to do this! :P Enjoy! ================= January 14,2008... 30,200k views... March 20, 2008... 50,300k views... Thanks all for viewing. Long live SC2 =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 9, 2008 MY ONE YEAR ANNIVESARY OF THIS VIDEO!!! A whole year has passed since Submitting this to Youtube! This was pretty much the first vid I created using my GameBridge. :) Views: 61,813 Ratings: 200 Favoriets: 225 times Comments: 345 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JUNE 7 2009 2nd year Anniversary of this vid!! Views: 161,694 Ratings: 398 Favoriets: 486 times Comments: 705 Still my top vid :) ------------------------------------- JUNE 27th!!! 2011 4 FUCKING YEARS LATER BITCHES!! DAMN.. its like I purchased my gamebridge yesterday :)

SoulCalibur 6 Guide Siegfried Quick Breakdown Tutorial with Pantocrator

Version 🇼🇫 FR ici : Here is my Third Character Quick BreakDown video for SoulCalibur VI. It is dedicated to the main character of the Soul Calibur saga: Siegfried. This is a short technical analysis of the character to help you discover the character and his gameplay in 3 parts: - Overview and changes - His new moves and mechanics in SoulCalibur VI - His Gameplan in normal, Dark Legacy and SoulCharge, and his Strengths & Weaknesses. I thank Pantocrator for the valuable help provided on the technical side. I intend to make more detailed videos on Siegfried more explanatory for beginners to experienced players. I hope you enjoy this video and in any case I thank you for the enthusiasm for this channel. Thank you for leaving your comments to say what you think and what I can improve for you. I hope to see you again at the next video, take care! Hype for Soulcalibur VI ! Stay tuned in my Twitter account for more news about SoulCaliburVI : Watch me streaming some SoulCalibur and other games in my Twitch Channel : You can also find me in the SoulCaliburFR Discord : #SoulCalibur6 #SC6guide #Siegfried


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Ending with 3B also works, but the damage ranges from 79 to 85, so it is less useful.

SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-ca/tid=CUSA09903_00

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