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Ant-Man All Best Scenes.

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Iron Man's Arc Reactor - 10 Surprising Things You DON'T KNOW!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Iron Man's Arc Reactor For more amazing videos, Subscribe to our channel: Try out ThePremium Network for free: Tony Stark is hands down one of the most brilliant characters ever designed in the Marvel Universe. He is smart, charming, and just the right amount of arrogant. But, you gotta give it to him, he knows when to be each one and when not to. But what do you expect from someone who has the resources and intellect to make whatever his mind imagines? We would all probably be the exact same way. Right? Well, there is no real way to know. What we do know is of all his inventions the arc reactor is the most famed. What we also know are a bunch of things you didn’t know about Iron Man’s arc reactor. Don’t worry we are going to fill you in on the details. Did you know Pepper Pots has her own arc reactor? That’s right. Not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but in Marvel Comic Universe. She was blown up by a suicide bomber out of revenge from someone Tony killed. Find out about her super powers as well in the video. Then there is how the arc reactor is actually being built by a team of specialist over at M.I.T. That’s right, very soon we will have an arc reactor brought from the pages of the comic books to the real world. It should be able to power 200,000 homes plus and be almost as small as the one inside Iron Man’s chest. To learn about how it can be weaponized, the story on how it is not actually designed to keep him alive, its defense against EMP blast, and so much more, check out the video. For more videos and articles visit:

Top 10 Best Super Hero Fight Scenes | Ultimate Fight Compilation 2018 | Top 10 Daily

From Batman, to Spider-Man, to Deadpool, today we're counting down our favorite and the best fight scenes involving super heroes ever! What is your favorite super hero fight scene? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section, and to like, subscribe, and share this video. Top Ten Daily brings you daily top 10 lists on a wide variety of subjects, including Pop Culture, Celebrities, Movies & TV, Sports, Comics, Anime, Gameshows, Fails, Wins, Stolen Valor, Feel Good Moments, and more! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, and we love to hear from you in the comments. Be sure to subscribe for more great weekly videos, and hit that bell for a notification whenever we post a new video! Top 10 Memes of 2018... So Far ► Top 10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually True ► Top 25 r/Tinder Hilarious Conversations ► Top 10 Bachelor Villains ► Top 50 News Bloopers ► Top 10 Most Epic Oscar Wins of All Time ► Subscribe ► Top 10 Daily March 2018


For copyright matters please contact us at: TechZone ► Probably everyone who ever played games, knows that they can bring not only positive emotions and good mood. Some games just... Today we have picked for you the most annoying and difficult games that can drive anyone up the wall. Of course, maybe some of our viewers will find these games not quite annoying or even easy. Well... as they say, everyone has their own “helicopter mission”.

Road Rage: Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers Ep. 22

Road Rage: Stupid, Crazy & Angry People Vs Bikers Ep. 22 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE! CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS: 0:03 TwoWheelsNoSkills - Yamaha WR125X CRASH!!! - 0:32 Luke Uncut - C*NTS WHO DO NOT LIKE FILTERING / LANE SPLITTING * ROAD RAGE * - 1:32 Moorland Moss - bad driver calmly confronted, Ring of Gyges story. - 2:51 El Cuby - Group Ride Road Rage #bikelifemass - 7:24 TheFriskyBiker - Car Driver Nearly Wipes Out Motorcyclist! EXTREME CLOSE CALL - 8:10 KAWI BROCK - Angry man stopped wheelie practice! - 8:45 aritweets - MOTORCYCLE PUNCHES MIRROR SMASH - 9:15 The chronicles of mr fish - road rage / motorcycle & car .. think bike - 9:40 Cruiser Brewser - Lady runs a red light and almost hits me - 9:55 MrTemjin - Road Rage, Cyclist Slaps me! - 11:03 Shawn Owens - ROAD RAGE DRIVER TRIES TO RUN US OFF THE ROAD! - ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH COPYRIGHT OWNERS PERMISSION ONLY. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are copyright owner and FIND ANY MISTAKE IN YOUR CREDIT, please message me (not in comment section) here - I will fix it. If you have videos, that you want to be featured, submit your video here -

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Genius, multimillionaire, playboy, philanthropist... Surely you know Tony Stark. And you probably also know who Iron Man is. The first film from the Marvel film studio with his participation was released in 2008. Ten years have passed since then and Tony Stark has appeared in eight films, in two others he has appeared on the scene after the credits and, of course, he has created more than a dozen different armors. Have you ever wondered how many armors have been shown in these movies? If so, then this video has been created especially for you. Look closely, because we will tell you, and at the same time show you, all the Iron Man armors on the big screen

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