Jungle Jail

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TOLERANTIA - a short animated film by Ivan Ramadan

The first 3D animated film produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008). Nominated for the Best European Short film by the European Film Academy 2008. Awarded with 8 more awards including the "Heart of Sarajevo" for the best short film on Sarajevo Film Festival 2008. Directing, animation, sound - Ivan Ramadan Music - traditional (Mostar Sevdah Reunion) Visit my blog: http://eliasveskot.blogspot.com/

فيلم كرتون قصير مضحك


ᴴᴰ The Best Oscar's Oasis Episodes 2018 - Finding Water & The Fly

ᴴᴰ The Best Oscar's Oasis Episodes 2018 - Finding Water & The Fly ★ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/Mztn8T Oscar's Oasis (French Oscar & Co) is a French-South Korean computer animated television series consisting of 78 7-minute episodes. It was produced by TeamTO and Tuba Entertainment, in association with Cake Entertainment, and Synergy Media with the paticpation of TF1, in coproduction with Canal+ Family, Teletoon, EBS, BENEX, and Carrimages 5, and the support of National Center of Cinematography and the moving image (CNC), the Rhône-Alpes Region, the Poitou-Charentes region and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). Although the series contains no dialogue, it features the voices of Marie Facundo, Sly Johnson, Martial Le Minoux and Jérémy Prevost. Originally, the series was called Ooohhh Asis, and was composed of seven one-minute-and-a-half episodes, which were broadcast from 26 March 2008 on TF1. Oscar's Oasis debuted in its new format at the 2010 MIPTV Media Market. The series premiered on Canal+ and Canal+ Family in September 2010, and was broadcast on TF1 since late summer 2011. In July 2011, the series was released on Nintendo 3DS in 3D. Oscar is a lizard living in a non-specific desert that has features from several different real deserts, like the Sahara, Kalahari Desert, and North American deserts. An asphalt concrete highway runs through the area, used from time to time by various cargo trucks. Oscar is generally searching for food or water; he sometimes discovers liquid, in bottles or elsewhere, but is usually frustrated from recovering it for drink. An oasis supplies the only fresh water in the area, but its thick population of irascible and hungry crocodiles renders it inaccessible. At considerable personal risk (lizard is a delicacy for chickens), Oscar occasionally manages to steal an egg from a nearby hen coop, and he sometimes explores one of the piles of trash that litter the parched landscape. Popy, a fennec fox; Buck, a vulture; and Harchi, a hyena, inhabit a derelict school bus situated on a neighboring hill, but they mostly race about on a cast-off warehouse or grocery cart powered by Harchi and directed by Popy. Like Oscar, the trio constantly search for food and water - often competing with him, sometimes abusing him as a means, but occasionally cooperating with him when it suits their purpose. The main characters often find themselves falling off cliffs a la Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, wherein the law of gravity is briefly suspended while the character comes to realize their imminent doom.

Мульт-фильм "ІНШИЙ" "Different" Победитель "Дніпро-сінема", участник "Animateka" SLOVENIA 2015

CG animation "Different". The winner of "Dnipro-Cinema 2016". Diploma work by Aleksander Grachev. Друзья, этот мультфильм не про войну! Я начал его делать в 2012 году. Это философская притча. Звуковая дорожка мультфильма в MP3 здесь: http://grachevpro.com/muz_inshyj.mp3 Romanian melody DOINĂ

Ex-Et - Jury's Prize at Annecy Festival 2009

Discover more ESMA animation movies by subscribing: http://bit.ly/ESMAmovies Découvrez encore plus de films d’animation de l'ESMA en vous abonnant: http://bit.ly/ESMAmovies Synopsis : Sur une planète extra-terrestre, où règnent l’ordre et l’alignement, un enfant joueur au comportement déviant sème le trouble autour de lui. Après l’absorbation d’une pilule suite à un entretien médical, l’enfant est remis à la norme jusqu’à ce qu’il rejette cette même pilule. La sanction est donnée... On another planet, where order is put first, a playful kid with a behavior completely different from his peers disturbs the peace around him. After a meeting with the “doctors”, he absorbs a pill, which makes him “normal”. And yet, after a while, his nature takes the advantage! The doctors decide to punish him... Ex-ET est une animation 3D réalisée par 4 étudiants de l'école ESMA Montpellier. Réalisateurs : Benoit Bargeton, Rémy Froment, Nicolas Gracia et Yannick Lasfas. Voix : Mélanie Chapelle Son : José Vicente et Yohann Poncet (Studios Des Aviateurs) Production : ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques)

Un jeune détenu débarque dans une prison loufoque où tout peut arriver. Plus petit et chétif que les autres, il devient rapidement le bouc émissaire de toute la prison. Jusqu'au jour ou tout bascule, il se retrouve alors propulsé au sommet de la hiérarchie carcérale!

A young prisoner comes into a crazy jail where everything can happen. Punier and smaller than others he becomes the scapegoat of everybody. Until the day when everything changes … he starts to be the big boss of the jail!

Réalisateurs : Mathieu ARNOUX,Hugo CIERSNIAK, bruce NGUYEN VAN LAN, Aymeric PALERMO

Son : José VICENTE - Studio des aviateurs

Musique: Brett CALDAS LIMA,Olivier RAKOTA

Production : ESMA

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