Jamie Loeb Drop Shot Change Up Tennis Drill

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Tennis Tip: Secrets Of A Great Drop Shot

The drop shot is a very important shot at every level of the game. This shot can really frustrate opponents because most players are not comfortable moving forward! Simply turn on the TV and you will see that even pro players use the drop shot regularly. So if you don’t own this shot you are definitely not winning as many matches as you could! In this video OTI Instructor Ean Meyer shows you the most important technical aspects of a great drop shot!

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The Gigi Poach Monster Doubles Drill

Today I am going to show you a poaching drill we will be doing in our 30 Day No Man Left Behind Challenge. I call it the Gigi Poach Monster Drill. Gigi Fernandez won 17 Major Doubles titles and was an excellent mover at the net. In fact in this video you will see one of the Best Doubles points ever at Wimbledon and Gigi wins it with a poach!!! Watch today's Gigi Poach Monster Drill and try it for yourself. After doing this drill you will feel like you are moving in a flow, your volleys on the move will be better coordinated, and you will also get a great workout!!! If you have not done so yet make sure you get your FREE Ticket to Tennis Con 2 https://crunchtimecoaching.com/tennis-thrive/tennis-con-2018/ Enjoy Pete

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Federer is known as one of the best returners in tennis, but how will he deal with incredibly fast serves and his sneak attack technique? Here are Roger's 10 most miraculous and also unorthodox returns of serves

Jamie Loeb Drop Shot Change Up Tennis Drill

WTA player, Jamie Loeb teaches us her drop shot change up drill!

Practice and perfect your drop shots with this drill!

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Jamie Loeb Drop Shot Change Up Tennis Drill

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