GaiaLegend''s Room Tour Video! Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, and a Ghost!? (Easter Video)

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Boosterpainted Wall Duel Room Sighttour Our Yu-Gi-Oh Paradise

A little tour of our Yu-Gi-Oh Room. All our videos come from there :) Duel Terminals, Boosterwall, Decks, etc.... Feel free to leave a comment and like... Our last Videos: Inferoind vs Satellar: Satellar Deckprofile: See yaa!

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Here's the new Yugioh mystery power box from Walmart! You guys might've seen me open one already if you watched my birthday special opening!

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Hope you all enjoy the video! Also don't forget I have a Yugioh Facebook Group where you can trade, sell, and just chat about yugioh with everyone! Link is down below! I have also started up an Instagram account where you can follow me and see what packs I will do for openings beforehand and see other cool things I come across. Instagram: kiratwig2 Also check out the channel I've started with my girlfriend Marissa(Tsundere)! We do pack openings and blind bags of a lot of cool different stuff.

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Pokemon Cards Opening of a SHINING LEGENDS Elite Trainer Box! I'm just an Idiot opening Pokemon Shining Legends Booster Packs I get 2 Amazing pulls! SUBSCRIBE NOW! Rated -T ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm PleantyPax !!! I'm a pretty funny dude half the time and love opening Pokemon packs and boxes also checking out the latest products and going to pre-release partys, Join me for some funny Pokemon Card Openings, Let's Plays, Live Twitch and Live Openings and more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Instagram: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey everyone! Here is GaiaLegend and my old room that I used to live in for more than 8-9 years. All my stuff I've collected over the years, and I have lots more but not in the room, are all there for protection.

I was sick at the time, so sorry if I don't seem to sound like myself there.

I will show you guys some of my consoles, games, weaponry, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards!

Also on 2:00 you can hear a ghost!!!! I've told you guys that this allways happens to me :P Use your headphones if you want to hear it, as it sounds like mumbling till you hear it louder!

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