GaiaLegend''s Room Tour Video! Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, and a Ghost!? (Easter Video)

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Today we are looking at my top 10 banned yu-gi-oh cards that will NEVER come off the banlist or the forbidden list without an errata, or the card being changed. i hope you enjoy this and make sure to for more top tens and yugioh make sure to RATECOMMENTSUBSCRIBE! Subscribe for more Fun Videos! ► .✔Liking this video helps me out the most! ....✔ Comment to let me know whether you liked it or not! =============== Livestream =============== Livestream► =============== Social Media =============== Facebook ► Twitter ► =============== playlists =============== Horror Games 2015 ► Horror Games 2014 ► Minecraft With Yamimash ► Funny Videos ► Thumbnail by Wretic ► Intro by This guy! ►

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►Heute öffne ich für Euch eine Lair of Darkness Structure Deck des YuGiOh Sammelkarten Spiels. Und nach einigen Kommentare mal ohne Kommentar, wenn dieser wieder erwünscht ist einfach in die Kommentare =) ►Alle Karten werden oder sind zu finden auf sofern nicht bereits vergriffen! ►Weitere Openings zu finden in der Playlist: Musik: heute mal ohne Musik

My Top 25 Rarest and Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards! 2015 Update

Let's DESTROY 800 likes for the next episode! What would your top 25 would be ? leave them below Undergrounds Facebook (Kisame) (Spidey)

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The New Yu-Gi-Oh! Burn Deck! New Timelord Cards!

So in the OCG, the 2018 Cellector's Pack features new Timelord support. And we might get these in the Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge this summer. But until then, let's go over the new Timelord support! Thumbs up and like the video if you enjoyed it. Comment with any thoughts or opinions, or future ideas you have for me! Subscribe if you liked the video and want to see more of my content! NOTICE: THIS IS NOT MY MUSIC. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE RECORD COMPANY AND ARTIST! source:

Hey everyone! Here is GaiaLegend and my old room that I used to live in for more than 8-9 years. All my stuff I've collected over the years, and I have lots more but not in the room, are all there for protection.

I was sick at the time, so sorry if I don't seem to sound like myself there.

I will show you guys some of my consoles, games, weaponry, and Yu-Gi-Oh cards!

Also on 2:00 you can hear a ghost!!!! I've told you guys that this allways happens to me :P Use your headphones if you want to hear it, as it sounds like mumbling till you hear it louder!

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