Warhammer Vermintide 2 gameplay(PC)[HD]

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Anthem Gameplay Live

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Europa Barbarorum II - Medieval 2 Livestream

Download Legend mod for Medieval 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F91fOT8a9KKfSWWnGCgZSJhhGTAx3KIi Chat Rules: [Time out offenses] - Spamming - Deliberately trying to annoy me - Self promotion (if you want a shout out do something worthy of one) [Ban Offenses] - Starting arguments about non related topics (religion, politics, etc) - Insulting me or my moderators - Keep it civil please - 3 time outs Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/LegendofTotalWar1 Dual Stream: Check me out on https://dlive.tv/legendoftotalwar Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit http://www.totalwar.com

World War 3 ultra settings with fps counter ,i7-3770,gtx1070,8gb ram(PC)[HD]

This is my video from World War 3 game played on 12.02.2019 with ultra quality graphic settings with fps counter (sorry for my English but i just use it from time to time) My sys. spec.: Cpu : Intel core i7-3770 3,4ghz Gpu: Zotac GeForce gtx1070 blower 8gb Ram: Kingston 8gb ddr3 1600mhz (1x8gb) MoBo: ASRock Z75 pro3 OS : Windows 10 home edition x64

Overkill's The Walking Dead misja "Hell Or High Water" solowo(PC)[HD](PL)

misja "Hell Or High Water" wykonana w połowie na głośno zagrana solowo na poz. trudności normal

World War 3 TeamDeathMatch Gameplay(PC)[HD](PL)

Filmik z death match'u drużynowego, 3 rundy , gra całkiem spoko ale jeszcze nie umiem zbytnio w nią grać

last mission of 2nd act

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