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PYRAMID CONFUSION! *HILARIOUS WIN!* | Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Just4kicks - Instagram - Twitter - Soundcloud - My Other Channel -

Heavy ShotGun Gameplay vs Tactical Shotgun | Best Fortnite Loadout?

Heavy ShotGun Gameplay vs Tactical Shotgun | Best Fortnite Loadout? Here we have brand new heavy shotgun gameplay vs the tactical shotgun! This is an in depth analysis and strategy guide to help you determine which is the best shotgun in fortnite , This can also affect your loadout preference as i find the best fortnite loadout to be tactical shotgun over all other shotguns My next to do is a pump shotgun vs heavy shotgun where i give the same details and provide different gameplay to back it up For more 1v1 shotgun Guides and tips If you need 1v1 fortnite shotgun tips this video here will help you out : FORTNITE HOW TO WIN 1v1 "SHOTGUN FIGHTS" : For more fortnite strategy guide content feel free to subscribe also dont forget to keep up with my social and my schedule down below v v v Thank you for checking out the video! Here is where to find me on the web boys! Live Stream Schedule : 9:30 AM (EST ) - 2:30 PM (EST) Sunday - Sunday Live Stream : Social :


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Fortnite: How to Find Server Racks

Hey I myself have been having trouble finding these stupid things for my daily so hope it helps you.

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