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6 of the Best Cooperative Games in Physical Education

The first six games are cooperative games that are great for teachers and students. The 7th game includes competition. It is good for teachers because they get to see their students interact in a non-competitive way. This unites the class and spreads team morale. When there is a goal for the entire class, it takes less pressure to perform and allows individuals to be comfortable in their environmnent. Students enjoy non-competition activity because it takes less pressure on them to peform either to beat others in a game or to lose to others in a game. Thinking about this type of play can be stressful and students may be less likely to perform in exercises outside of class if they feel what they do inside of class is oppressing or demeaning.

TeachPhysEd - Flip The Hoop

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Capture the Cone

This invasion game is fast paced and can be easily modified for all grade levels. Teams are challenged to capture all the other teams cones!

Hula Hut: The best game ever!!

Please watch this video to prepare yourself for the collab on Friday :)

Cooperative Games - Physical Education

Excerpts from a professional development workshop with elementary physical education teachers, this video takes you through a variety of cooperative challenges that may assist to establish and build relationships within your physical education program. Have you ever? 0:10 This is me! 0:52 Perimeter 1:23 Scarf Toss 1:47 Noodle Run 2:38 Down the Line 3:18 Fling it 3:49 Knuckles & Fives 5:10 Gotchya 7:19 Pipeline 8:16 RPS Celebration 8:43

The following video clip provides a number of challenges, engaging youth in movement with little equipment or set-up time required. Connections can certainly be made to both skill-related and health-related components of fitness. These are fantastic challenges can be implemented indoors and outdoors for both elementary and high school youth. . Enjoy challenging yourself and others!

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