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WARRIORS OROCHI 4 All Playable Characters 『無双OROCHI3』

A quick review of the characters that will be in Warriors Orochi 4. No guest characters this time, only Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Orochi series officers, plus 5 new characters including Zeus and 4 more to be revealed soon. Subscribe to get the latest news! Character List: Warriors Orochi 3 (26) 1- Orochi 2- Da Ji 3- Taigong Wang 4- Sun Wukong 5- Fu Xi 6- Nuwa 7- Yoshitsune Minamoto 8- Kiyomori Taira 9- Himiko 10- Orochi X 11- Dodomeki 12- Gyuki 13- Sanzang 14- Benkei 15- Kaguya 16- Susano'o 17- Cyborg Nezha 18- Shuten Doji 19- Seimei Abe 20- Shennong 21- Tamamo 22- Yinglong 23- Human Nezha 24- Kyubi 25- Hundun 26- Mizuchi/Diamondback Samurai Warriors 4-II (56) 27- Aya 28- Ginchiyo Tachibana 29- Goemon Ishikawa 30- Gracia 31- Hanbei Takenaka 32- Hanzo Hattori 33- Hideyoshi Toyotomi 34- Hisahide Matsunaga 35- Ieyasu Tokugawa 36- Ina 37- Kagekatsu Uesugi 38- Kai 39- Kanbei Kuroda 40- Kanetsugu Naoe 41- Katsuie Shibata 42- Keiji Maeda 43- Kenshin Uesugi 44- Kiyomasa Kato 45- Kojiro Sasaki 46- Kojuro Katakura 47- Koshosho 48- Kotaro Fuma 49- Kunoichi 50- Lady Hayakawa 51- Magoichi Saika 52- Masamune Date 53- Masanori Fukushima 54- Mitsuhide Akechi 55- Mitsunari Ishida 56- Motochika Chosokabe 57- Motonari Mori 58- Munenori Yagyu 59- Muneshige Tachibana 60- Musashi Miyamoto 61- Nagamasa Azai 62- Naomasa Li 63- Naotora Li 64- Nene 65- Nobunaga Oda 66- Nobuyuki Sanada 67- No 68- Oichi 69- Okuni 70- Ranmaru Mori 71- Sakon Shima 72- Shingen Takeda 73- Tadakatsu Honda 74- Takakage Kobayakawa 75- Takatora Todo 76- Toshiie Maeda 77- Toyohisa Shimazu 78- Ujiyasu Hojo 79- Yoshihiro Shimazu 80- Yoshimoto Imagawa 81- Yoshitsugu Otani 82- Yukimura Sanada Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (83) 83- Bao Sanniang 84- Cai Wenji 85- Cao Cao 86- Cao Pi 87- Cao Ren 88- Chen Gong 89- Daqiao 90- Deng Ai 91- Dian Wei 92- Diaochan 93- Ding Feng 94- Dong Zhuo 95- Fa Zheng 96- Gan Ning 97- Guan Ping 98- Guan Suo 99- Guan Xing 100- Guan Yinping 101- Guan Yu 102- Guo Jia 103- Guo Huai 104- Han Dang 105- Huang Gai 106- Huang Zhong 107- Jia Xu 108- Jia Chong 109- Jiang Wei 110- Li Dian 111- Lianshi 112- Ling Tong 113- Liu Bei 114- Liu Shan 115- Lu Xun 116- Lu Bu 117- Lu Lingqi 118- Lu Meng 119- Lu Su 120- Ma Chao 121- Ma Dai 122- Meng Huo 123- Pang Tong 124- Pang De 125- Sima Shi 126- Sima Yi 127- Sima Zhao 128- Sun Ce 129- Sun Jian 130- Sun Quan 131- Sun Shangxiang 132- Taishi Ci 133- Wang Yi 134- Wang Yuanji 135- Wei Yan 136- Wen Yang 137- Xiahou Dun 138- Xiahou Yuan 139- Xiahou Ba 140- Xiaoqiao 141- Xingcai 142- Xu Shu 143- Xu Zhu 144- Xu Huang 145- Xun Yu 146- Yuan Shao 147- Yue Jin 148- Yueying 149- Yu Jin 150- Zhang He 151- Zhang Jiao 152- Zhang Liao 153- Zhang Bao 154- Zhang Chunhua 155- Zhang Fei 156- Zhao Yun 157- Zhenji 158- Zhong Hui 159- Zhou Yu 160- Zhou Tai 161- Zhuge Dan 162- Zhuge Liang 163- Zhu Ran 164- Zhurong 165- Zuo Ci Warriors Orochi 4 New Characters (5) 166- Zeus +4 unrevealed characters. Total: 170 Playable Characters.

White Day - Official Trailer

Get a first look at this Korean horror game for PlayStation VR.

MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Vaal Hazzak First Gameplay Demo 2/2 | Boss Fight

MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Vaal Hazzak First Gameplay Walkthrough Demo 2/2 | Boss Fight

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 First 17 Minutes of Gameplay HD + Game Trailer & News | PS4, PC, XB1, Switch 2018

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 First 17 Minutes of Gameplay + Game News & Info | PS4, PC, XB1, Switch 2018 Warriors Orochi 4 will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch on September 27 in Japan, and for PC via Steam on October 16 for 7,800 yen, publisher Koei Tecmo announced. In North America and Europe, Warriors Orochi 4 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2018. First-print copies of the game in Japan will include bonus costumes for Xu Shu, Ishida Mitsunari, and Daji. First-print copies of the PlayStation 4 version also include seven free days of PlayStation Plus access. Pre-orders of the digital edition will include the “Pegasus” vehicle. Pre-orders of the digital edition on PlayStation 4 will also include a special theme and access to play the “Godspeed Version,” which will be a demo-like version of the game with restricted features due out before teh game. Save data from the demo can be transferred to the full game. Here is an overview of the game’s Japanese editions: Standard Edition (7,800 yen) A copy of Warriors Orochi 4 for PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC Premium Box (10,800 yen) A copy of Warriors Orochi 4 for PlayStation 4 or Switch Official materials book (A4 size / 64 pages / full color) Original soundtrack CD (two discs / 70+ songs / 140+ minutes) Character clear five (eight types / A4 size) Treasure Box (15,800 yen) A copy of Warriors Orochi 4 for PlayStation 4 or Switch Official materials book (A4 size / 64 pages / full color) Original soundtrack CD (two discs / 70+ songs / 140+ minutes) Character clear five (eight types / A4 size) Omega Force 20th anniversray concert CD (70+ minutes) Daily rip-off-a-page calendar for the desk featuring every character (full color / 366 days) Voice actors-signed script (B5 size) Deluxe Edition A copy of Warriors Orochi 4 for PlayStation 4 or Switch Season Pass (10 costumes, 10 scenarios, 10 background songs, 16 Sacred Treasures, five vehicles, one mode) Deluxe Edition purchase bonuses Special weapons: “God Destruction Spear,” “Heavenly Spear of the Battle God,” and “Hades” 30,000 “Stock EXP” (Stock EXP can be used to increase the character’s level—30,000 Stock EXP can increase a character’s level to level 20) 3,000 Arena Points (Arena Points can be used in Sub Mode—3,000 Arena Points can unlock five characters) Early character unlock: Nine-Tailed Kitsune The game’s official website was also updated with the following additional information: ■ Characters Zeus (voiced by Takashi Matsuyama) The God that reigns over the Gods of Olympus. He watches over various events and maintains order with his mighty power. While he is an absolute being, he has a largehearted personality and has been in active communication with humans. ■ Actions Sacred Treasures Sacred Treasures are different attachments than weapons, and each possesses a unique Divine Art. Source: 【小野坂昌也/竹本英史/置鮎龍太郎出演】『無双OROCHI3』ゲーム実機プレイ初公開!スペシャル生放送【第1回】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsmMimhVmlw PV1『無双OROCHI3』2018/9/27発売! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Mr2zsH5q0

WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Latest News: First Screenshots, New Features Revealed | PS4, XB1, PC 2018

Koei Tecmo officially announced Warriors Orochi 4 worldwide, revealing that the west will get the game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2018. The world is merged once again. The re-assembled heroes are faced with yet another new battle. The key to solving this mysterious situation and returning the world back to normal are eight “bracelets” that possess great power. In search of these bracelets, the heroes clash against one another with their individual convictions. Before long it becomes apparent that Zeus, the king of the gods of Mount Olympus, is behind this. What is his aim in rebuilding this parallel world in which the heroes battled against Orochi? In order to solve this mystery, the heroes decide to battle against the gods. In addition to revealing that Warriors Orochi 4 will include 170 playable characters, Koei Tecmo had more to share about its characters and gameplay in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. The first part that was confirmed was that Warriors Orochi 4, which was previously announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is also in development for PC but it will release after the console versions launch in Japan. There will be 170 playable characters, but only five of them will be brand-new and they haven’t been revealed yet. This time around, the enemy is Zeus. There’s a good chance the five new characters will be from the Twelve Olympians such as Athena or Poseidon. The new system called “Divine Action” (or “Thaumaturgy Action”) will add new elements such as Divine Arts and Deification. This time there won’t be any collaboration characters such as Ryu Hayabusa. As for the story summary, after defeating Orochi the heroes returned to where they belong. All of their memories are lost, but their worlds will intertwine once more. Eight bangles are the keys to going back to their respective worlds. Zeus seems to be involved, but his goal is unknown. You can equip Sacred Treasures to use Divine Arts. Divine Arts come in various effects such as the ability to group up enemies followed by an attack. One new stage is like a Greek Parthenon temple. The reason there won’t be any collaboration characters is to focus going back to the roots of the Three Kingdom and Sengoku, or warring states. The story and setting is being supervized by Yoshitaka Murayama, best known as the creator of the Suikoden series. Orochi will be a key character. Orochi and Shin Orochi will exist at the same time, but details on that are a secret for now. Warriors Orochi 4 will have the familiar controls such as Square→Square and Square→Square→Triangle. The “Deification” becomes usable as for key characters once you progress through the story and meet certain battle conditions. This changes their appearance and gives them an action power-up. It’ll have three-man groups. There will be a Free Mode-like element. Koei Tecmo is considering a two-player local multiplayer with Joy-Cons, but they’re trying to work around the lack of buttons. Koei Tecmo hopes to release the game by Fall 2018. Official Website: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/orochi3/index.html シリーズ最新作『無双OROCHI3』ティザームービー https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjOcGq-8EWA

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School || Gameplay Walkthrough Guía completa en Español Parte 8 - 화이트데이 학교라는 이름의 미궁

- El Contenido del CD
- Como Abrir la Biblioteca 2
- El Símbolo del Yin-Yang

´White Day a Labyrinth Named School´ es un juego con una perspectiva asiática de aventuras de terror repleto de gráficos en 3D. En el juego aparecen diferentes leyendas y misterios que tienen como escenario un bachillerato en el que por cierto motivo, el protagonista y las estudiantes se han quedado encerrados y donde se desarrollan historias de misterio y terror.
No aparecen escenas excesivamente crueles ni sangrientas en la pantalla. Tampoco aparecen zombis, así como armas de fuego ni ningún otro tipo de armas. El proagonista es un simple estudiante que deberá defenderse de conserjes poseídos, superar distintos fenómenos sobrenaturales y huir de cualquier fantasma que aparezca. Además, tiene escapar de esa escuela junto a una de las estudiantes que también están allí encerradas.

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