EYELASH EXTENSIONS (What you Need To Know About Its Applications and FAQ's

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Here’s a Quick way to do Lash Extensions (Detailed and Extended)

One of the BEST tutorials to help beginner Lashers understand Lashing more in depth! Enjoy 💕 This video is a free place method! Direction and mapping is not exercised!! This is a simple way to practice application 1:1 for beginners, as you practice you will get more comfortable and confident and begin focusing on direction and mapping. Don’t be discouraged move at your pace and continue to strive to get better! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE 💕 Due to me using the swipe then place method for glue I like to have a bulb at the bottom of my extension to spread along the lash. This is one way to do it. If your aren’t swiping less glue should be used‼️ *This video was created to give a visual of the lashing process. Training is VERY necessary to learn the importance of reactions, infections, consultations, sanitation and so much more! We offer online, private, group, and salon training!* Nano Mister: https://www.youtube.com/edit?ar=1&o=U&video_id=VkTzF0epjeo Lash Glue: https://brimccur7.wixsite.com/everythinglash/product-page/lash-essentials www.EverythingLash.com

16 Best Makeup & Beauty Hacks 2017! Chloe Morello

Enjoy these Beauty hacks everyone! Whats your beauty hack? Products for each tip: #1 - Eyebrow Razor/Dermaplaner (Similar: http://bit.ly/2s4OTci AND my new one: http://bit.ly/2rvFkWG (not shown as this is pre filmed but I upgraded!) #2 - Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray (US: http://bit.ly/2rMCxsd AUS: http://bit.ly/2r2oMnW) Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (http://bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!) Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer (US: http://bit.ly/2qt4YY3 AUS: http://bit.ly/2qsVXyq) #3 - Sigma L05 Lip Brush (http://bit.ly/2rdlrTH use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!) Too Faced Born This Way Concealer (US: http://bit.ly/2qt4YY3 AUS: http://bit.ly/2qsVXyq) #4 - U by Kotex Sanitary Liners (AUS: http://bit.ly/2rMCGvq) Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eyeshadow in #14 Bronze Lustre (discontinued) Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush (http://bit.ly/2rMIgxV) #5 - EX1 Invisiwear Powder Compact Foundation (http://bit.ly/2qtb2zK) Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (http://bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!) #6 - Sigma White Eyeliner (discontinued but similar US: http://bit.ly/2rME416 AUS: http://bit.ly/2rMEcxX) Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Butterfly Beach (http://bit.ly/2p7xqCi) #7 - Sigma White Eyeliner (discontinued but similar US: http://bit.ly/2rME416 AUS: http://bit.ly/2rMEcxX) Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (http://bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!) #8 - Ciate Bitter Sweet Liquid Velvet (US: http://bit.ly/2qsGgr2 UK/EUR: http://bit.ly/2qxsUZH Angled Brush Unknown #9 - GHD Blow Dryer (US: http://bit.ly/2qt18OH) #10 - Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (US: http://bit.ly/2pWimnp AUS: http://bit.ly/2pYRlyI) Benefit Precisely, My Brow (for the spoolie end only: US:http://bit.ly/2pRe8Aa AUS: http://bit.ly/2qqrt3T) #11 - Real Techniques Spoolie (http://bit.ly/2qtkL9m) #12 - Hair Claw Clip (similar: http://bit.ly/2qxkQIw) #13 - Revlon Sculpt + highlight Contour Kit (AUS only: http://bit.ly/2qtiCdZ) Sigma 3DHD Blender Sponge (http://bit.ly/2leikI9 use code ‘chloe’ for a discount at checkout!) Wayne Goss Brushes 10 & 02 (http://bit.ly/2rMwUdD) #14 - Lancome Sourcils Brow Gel (US: http://bit.ly/2qt3flJ) Eyeliner brush unknown #15 - Revlon Gold Series Nipper (AUS: http://bit.ly/2qtiKtO) and Nail Clipper (AUS: http://bit.ly/2rMtOpK) Lilly Lashes ‘Believe’ Lashes (http://bit.ly/2r2FCTw use code ‘chloemorello for a discount!) #16 - L'Oreal protest Queen Lip Gloss (AUS: http://bit.ly/2rMdPYY) Some of these links may be affiliate links, or i may share affiliate codes, this means i may make a portion of sales made with the link or code, it does not cost you anything additional! In fact, a code may SAVE you money. Some links may be tracking links, this allows me to see how many people see/click the links - just useful info! I don't make any money off of tracking links. ---------------------------- Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY: All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (admin@MaxConnectors.com.au) International inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson ( Kevin@Renegade-Mgmt.com ) Countries outside of these can contact either. *Please note I am not available for makeup artist services* Please join me on any of my social networking and blogging sites: BLOG: http://www.chloemorello.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ChloeMorelloBeauty TWITTER: http://twitter.com/chloemorello INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ChloeMorello SNAP: MorelloMachine ---------------------------- Other links: SHOP MY CONTENT: http://parsel.me/chloemorello MY SIGMA BRUSHES LINK: http://bit.ly/1FCgNh3 Use the code ChloeMorello10 for 10% off! WHERE I BULK BUY FALSE EYELASHES: http://bit.ly/1U0IBSU Please note that I use affiliate links.


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9 Manicure Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

How to make a manicure correctly? According to statistics from beauty industry experts, the average woman spends approximately $500 per year on her nails. Since nail care and nail art have become popular on social media, it has grasped the attention of the masses — and they’ve taken an interest in adapting it to their beauty routine! But giving yourself a nice manicure without knowing some key techniques can ruin your entire image or, even worse, put your health at risk. For example, sanitizing your tools should be the first step and your number one priority. According to research, the area around and under our fingernails stores the largest amount of harmful bacteria. If these tools are not being washed with disinfectant, you are allowing the spread of germs and risking contamination. In addition, storing tools in a sealed bag allows bacteria to fester. Here are 9 manicure mistakes that are often overlooked. TIMESTAMPS: Not washing your tools 0:59 Cutting your cuticles 1:35 Not using a base coat 2:11 Applying thick coats of polish 2:40 Using Q-tips 3:20 Filing back and forth 3:56 Not applying polish under the edges 4:32 Drying nails in cold water 5:02 Shaking your nail polish bottle 5:38 #manicuremistakes #manicureroutine #nails Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY: - Cutting your cuticles is a major health risk because you leave unprotected cuts on your fingers, which could potentially get infected. Moreover, when the cuticles start growing again, they come back flaky and looking messy, which completely ruins your look. - Base coats were created to bind with your natural nails and make your manicure last up to one week longer. This happens because our nails produce natural oils, which prevent nail polish from binding well with the nail. - Thick coats of nail polish take twice as long to dry (approximately 5–6 minutes), which is a recipe for a smudging disaster! In general, nail polish is not designed to dry out when it’s thick, which protects it when it’s housed in the bottle. - Q-tips are proven lifesavers, especially when it comes to makeup, and that’s why we incorporate them into our manicure routine as well. When nail polish gets onto the skin around the nail, we just get a Q-tip and start wiping. - Filing back and forth causes micro-cracks to appear, which makes the application of nail polish look brittle and uneven. It also weakens the nails, causing them to break more easily. - Applying nail polish around and under the edges of your nails will prevent your manicure from flaking during various activities that include water, especially doing the dishes and washing your hair. When we do these activities, water gets trapped between the nail and the nail polish, causing it to lift and chip around the top edges. - Drying your nails in cold water is a widely known tip for people who want to dry their freshly polished nails even faster. However, this is just a myth! Cold water hardens the nails instead of drying them. - Instead of shaking your nail polish, roll it slowly and horizontally in your hands! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/

EYEBROW WAX; Wax stuck to the eyelash; MUST SEE; watch to learn what to do

Waxing expert advise by Playboy Waxer teaching how to wax eyebrows, how to PROTECT YOURSELF from malpractice; Release statement; consent form. Learn the successful Waxer Personality and confidence. The do's and don'ts of eyebrow waxing. CLIENT; DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES WHEN GETTING a BROW WAX! Esthetician and Cosmetologists DO NOT PANIC. Just use the waxing oil to remove the wax from the eyelashes. Beauty School Student's get a great behavior advice; BE NICE TO PEOPLE.Learn HOW TO wax FAST. GET RID OF UNWANTED HAIR. Step- by-step instruction.. Class by famous Playboy waxer Amy Ponce; The Kitten Tamer: 818-825-5937. This is NOT a state board wax procedure; it is an advanced hair removal training for Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Skin Care Specialists, Salon and Spa Professionals, Beauty School Students, Cosmetology Instructors, and women and men

Purchase best Adhesive today - http://www.thelashe.com/1-Adhesives.html

The Lashe® is committed to providing premium quality lash extension products and services. Our mission is to constantly offer the most innovative and safe products, along with comprehensive education. The products and education were designed to be a complete system. Our application and aftercare products are all produced in the USA, with the highest quality standards. The Lashe® is committed to providing the most thorough education available through our extensive hands-on training and precision techniques courses. We know you will be as enthusiastic with our products and techniques as we are. Our commitment to you is for continual improvement in products, techniques and support.

Enroll for an upcoming training program or to find a Certified Lashe Stylist near you, visit http://www.thelashe.com or call (773) 202-9399


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