EYELASH EXTENSIONS (What you Need To Know About Its Applications and FAQ's

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[Tutorial] Speed Lashing Techniques Using Tape for Eyelash Extension Application

Tutorial by internationally awarded lash educator, Joy Crossingham. In this tutorial Joy demonstrates a variety of techniques using micropore tape to increase your speed and significantly reduce your classic and volume lash application time. Whilst some of these techniques may appear unorthodox, rest assured they are the result of more than a decade of testing at the highest level and most importantly.. THEY WORK! LET'S CONNECT! LASHJOY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lashjoy_/ LASHJOY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LashJoyShop/ JOY INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/joylashstylist/ JOY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/joylashstylist/ WEBSITE: https://www.lashjoy.com TRAINING ACADEMY: https://www.lashjoy.com/pages/request-information Products used in this video can be purchased at https://www.lashjoy.com Thanks for watching! Please comment below if you have enjoyed our video or have any questions about these techniques!

Eyelash Extensions 101 | Full Tutorial on Application

Eyelash Extensions 101 | Full Tutorial on application. Everything you Need to Know. My gift to you for Fourth of July. Tips and tricks included. Long video of everything you need to know. Skip to a section for specific questions. Breakdown below. #lashlove follow IG @yegilashes @lifeofyegi www.yegilashes.com for the mink lashes, glue and tweezers used. 1. 3:00 Taping down bottom lashes 2. Where I place the Lashes and why 3. 4:45 How I select the curl and length of the lashes (.15 D 11,13,15) 4. 5:45 For straight lashes what are the options lash lift or extensions options 5. 6:50 start isolating and applying the lashes 6. 10:30 adjusting the tape or under eyepatch during application 7. 11:40 isolating and application close up 8. 15:00 what to do with baby lashes 9. 15:37 how do I know if the natural lash can handle the extension I’m applying 10. 16:30 how much do you dip the lash extensions in th glue or how much glue to use? And where to grab the extension from to pull off the strip 11. 19:00 how many eyelash extensions do I apply to the natural lashes 12. 20:30 drying and u taping 13. 22:00 what if classic looks too natural what to do? 14. 22:15 bloopers and closing


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The Lashe® is committed to providing premium quality lash extension products and services. Our mission is to constantly offer the most innovative and safe products, along with comprehensive education. The products and education were designed to be a complete system. Our application and aftercare products are all produced in the USA, with the highest quality standards. The Lashe® is committed to providing the most thorough education available through our extensive hands-on training and precision techniques courses. We know you will be as enthusiastic with our products and techniques as we are. Our commitment to you is for continual improvement in products, techniques and support.

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