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🔴 PRO XBOX PLAYER Fortnite Live Stream Xbox one

Creator CODE Punfucius_YT also i do allow stream sniping Servers NaE Count downs in chat after ever match! ----- 👇Donate/Merch Here👇 ------ * ❤️Your Donation pops up on screen!! ❤️Your Donation Helps My Streams Directly ❤️Your Donation Will Be Read On Stream * ❤️Your Donations Are Super Appreciated! THANK YOU!!! 🤴🏽 Channel Member Benefits 👸🏽 ---------------------------------------------------- 💎 I Add All Channel Members as Friends On XBOX 💎 Members Get a Chance To play With Me Every Sunday! 💎 You Get A Costume Pun Shield Badge Next To Your Name In Chat 💎 You Get Costume Emojis That Only Channel Members Can Use! 💎 You Earn 2X Punbucks in Chat ---------------- MEMBER HERE NOW ----------------- 💎 💎 Thank you so much! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stream rules 1. Be respectful in Chat, No bullying or hate speech 2. No Racism, Religion, or Politics 3. No self-promotion of any kind (zero tolerance) if you fail to follow the stream rules we will be forced to (A) put you in time out or (B) Ban you from chat or block you. Sub Song--- by neffex song name dangerous FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question Can i play with you? answer Yes! every Saturday we play with our subs, so sub and be there! Question How do you join the pun team? Question What Sensitivity do u use X 0.597 Y 0.497 Targeting 0.192 scope 0.343 .30 Question How many wins do you have? Answer Over 2500 wins Question How old are you? Answer 24 Question How Do you live stream xbox? Answer A program Called OBS on PC How can i win a game? Watch my how to win video! HOW TO BECOME A MOD 1:Don't ask to be a mod 2:Be active in the chat! 3:Be a frequent watcher/active stream supporter 4:You yourself must follow stream rules/be positive! Mods will be given to loyal subscribers only Just some tags and things in the stream :) Fortnite Battle Royale squad gameplay Fortnite Battle Royale tips Fortnite Battle Royale funny moments Fortnite Battle Royale live Fortnite Battle Royale best loot spots Fortnite Battle Royale epic moments Fortnite Battle Royale best weapons Fortnite Battle Royale fails Fortnite Battle Royale xbox one Fortnite Battle Royale update Fortnite Battle Royale top squad plays Fortnite Battle Royale ps4 Fortnite Battle Royale epic moments Fortnite Battle Royale Solo play Fortnite Battle Royale playing with subscribers Fortnite Battle Royale fun Fortnite battle royal update Fortnite battle royal season 5 Fortnite battle royal good game play *All donations are final. *Donation With Hate/Negativity of any kind will not be read

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لقطات مجنونه بالفخ * الجديد * !! و لقطات مضحكة في فورت نايت 😱❄️ | FORTNITE

لا تنسى الاشتراك يا حبيب قلبي !! قناتي الرئيسية: صفحاتي تويتر: انستغرام: تويتش: فيس بوك: يوناو: سناب شات: ArabGameNetwork

فورت نايت السيزن السادس: شراء البتل باس كامل 19000 الف في بوكس

نزل الموسم السادس من #فورتنايت واخيراً والمقطع اليوم باشتري كل الباتل باس حق السيزون السادس من #فورت_نايت - اذا انت جديد اشترك بالقناة واضعط علمت الجرس .. - نوصل 100 الف لايك #فراسيون #قلب 😘 فراس جيمر قناة العاب وترفيه اهتم بتنزيل الالعاب الممتعة لمتابعيني واحب اشطح من فتره لاخرء باشياء تغير جوو وعشان اقدر اكبر القناة اكثر.. كووون واحد من جيش الـ #فراسيون واشترك بالقناة اذا ما كنت مشترك وحياااك الله #قلب 😉 تابعوني سناب شات : وانستجرام : وتويتر : 😍 🙈🙉 الله يسعدكم جميعاً #Fir4sGamer #fortnite fortnite season 6 #جيمرز #قلب ❤

فورت نايت - اقوى تحدي اكتشف عيون الشخصيه🤔🔥اذا انت خبره ادخل!!Fortnite

المقطع الاصلي سنابي/ DrKaaLo انستقرامي / DrKaaLo للتواصل والاعلان

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