The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

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Live and Let Spy [SFM]

As things go wrong and the BLU team's diabolical plan is revealed, will RED have what it takes to survive? Of course they will, BLU sucks. The long anticipated third episode of the Fedora Chronicles, sequel to The Bolted Behemoth, has finally arrived! Here's some random trivia: - This is one of the longest TF2 SFMs on YouTube - I started working on it at the beginning of October, 2014 - I finished working on it on the 28th of March, 2015 - Yes, that's 6 months! - It took about 150 hours spread over 2 weeks to render (rendered in 8 separate 'scenes') - The video's full of hidden references and little gags too, so keep and eye out! - In the epilogue, I made Gray Mann's base entirely out of SFM props on a blank map A super big thank you to Unrellius, who created every single custom texture in this video, as well as providing heaps of critique, ideas, and helpful opinion. Here's an awesome poster he made: Community Assets used: Pooling Blood: Rivalry Rush Content Pack: Mann Co. Supply Crate: Miss Pauling: Blood Decals: Dispenser Screen: Enhanced Ambassador: Enhanced Pistol: Gray Mann: Olivia Mann: Vintage Phone: Enhanced Ammobox:

[SFM] Spawncamp

Another day, another team getting locked into their own spawn room. But with a little perseverance, smarts, and a bunch of caffeine, they just might make it out of there before the game's over. But not without dying. A lot. Music's in the credits. Ask for a song name anyway and I will eat your family. --- FUCK that took a while. After 15 months, on and off, from middle of March last year to today, it's going to feel really weird not having this iron in the fire anymore. I do have a certain other film-related ambition I plan on tackling, but my *coughpunctual* upload schedule is already such that you probably won't even notice any discrepancy.

Engie's nanites [SFM-Saxxy 2016 Finalist] (extended category)

VOTE FOR IT: Heeeeeeeeeey! It's the final version! the one I'll submit for the saxxy! Don't worry I won't post any more of them! I can now work on something else! Btw, I recently pass the 100 subs milestone! Sadly, I didn't prepare or plan anything for that... Sorry! Also disclaimer, my submission is largly inspired by this: Wanna add me on steam? You can't! But join my group!: Check out my deviantart profile :

Mechanical Mishap [Saxxy Awards 2015]

The voting period is over, thanks for voting! Contributors: -Raxxo: Co-Director Animation Modeling Composing -Mall: Co-Director Animation -Jeffrey (Pumodi) Brice: Music Mixer -Andy Thybo: Co-Director Cinematography Animation Screenwriting Lighting My twitter: Made with the Source® Filmmaker - © Valve 2015

[SFM] The Scout who Never Gave Up

As yet another rookie joins the battle he surrounds himself with many different people and stories. If you liked it, rate it on steam: This video couldn't have been created if not the incredibly supportive team and friends of mine, PLEASE check them all out. I'm serious, do it right now: Voice actors: Musetrigger as scout and spy: EmNudge as heavy and sniper: DrHoctor as civilians: The Biological Machine as scout: Animators: EyeCandryMovies: TheGoodChap: Steaky: Dastardly: Alex: Ultratomic: Wraty: Razzlet: Raxxo: The Winglet: GooglyGazer: Zeekrocz: TheSiphon: Cpt. Soundbird: PinkPyro: Fanic: Mmaker: (discord) mmaker#9392 (2d animation) Harry: (outro) 3D Modeling: Drew (dynamite model): Fruit (6 digit sports counter): Alaxe (painting and poster): Virtual.exe (textures): Scenebuilding: Micky: Cinematography: MrLight: ZeUberMedic: Bonkle: Mapping: Phenomene: Particle Effects: Dastardly: Special thanks to Andy Thybo and Thoopje! Check me out aswell if you want! ;^) Some trivia that may interest you: - The production begun around 2017-11-15 and ended on my 15th birthday which is 2018-06-09. That's around 7 months of work, without any breakes. - I lost the count on how many hours we worked on this, but i have gained around 2000 hours in sfm (rendering is a large part). - Rendering alone took 180 hours to complete (not counting the preview renders that were running almost daily). - I have done around 16-17 minutes of the animation despite the team having so many animators. Steaky and TheGoodChap helped me the most, both doing around 50 seconds of animation let alone polishing. The rest of the animators usually did a shot or two. - The fight scene at the end had 5 diffrent cinematography changes. - We started without a script and scrapped 2 minutes of rough animation. The first renders don't even resemble the final product. - Originally RED heavy receives money from red civilian to train scout, but as they become friends heavy ends up spending all the money on scout and in the second act he gets killed by the blu sniper. This was scrapped because in the video characters already respawn which is a cliche that i shall never repeat :P - Micky once recovered 2 minutes of animation because both of my backup files broke. - There are 10 hidden cats in this video. They are hidden in smear frames and blur. The first person that finds them all will get a reward (you must have a steam account). - This was a lot of fun to do. A LOT. Anyways, we truly hope that you enjoyed this video. As i was finishing this video i was already writing another screenplay for another video. I'm now taking a little break from animating. Cya! :)

When your kids misbehave, the best course of action is to line them up and get to the bottom of things. The guns and violence are optional, but recommended.

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