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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Awakened Daimon (Warrior Solo)

This is probably the only time I ever had to use periapts with a class because of how bad it was trying to solo Daimon. It makes me think the Fighter is better than the Warrior. Even though the Warrior has more strength (with weapons) and HP overall (if it was a warrior build), the Fighter has it beat as shown in my solo video against Daimon because of survivability due to having a shield and shortsword. The skills Steel Will(which improves overall defense and resistance to stagger and knockdown) and Divine Defense make up for the lack of defensive maneuvers like dodge rolling. So at the moment, I prefer to be using the Fighter and Strider compared to their Advanced vocations due to abilities. Note: The steam version of the game being played can be found at http://store.steampowered.com/app/367500/ A mod is being used to alter the visuals which can be found at http://enbdev.com/download_mod_dragonsdogma.htm The "pre-set" settings for this mod are at http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/4/

Dragon's Dogma, Warrior One Shot Minitage

Dragon's Dogma (PC) - The Warrior Run Trailer

This is it. The big project. I have attempted this for a year. The combined playtime for all attempts is over 400 hours. I present to you - The Warrior Run! Rules: 1. Warrior only: My character and my Main Pawn have to switch to the Warrior vocation as soon as possible and never change it again. 2. All Story Quests: We have to complete all Story Quests (all Quests except Noticeboard Monster Quests), which means all Quests required for the "The Hero" achievement. 3. No Death. This is self-explanatory. Wakestones can only be used to revive NPC's or to complete a certain Story Quest. 4. From Level 1 to 200: The Run ends when my Main Character and my Main Pawn have reached Level ∞ (Level 200) and completed all Story Quests. I will use Weal items to speed up the late-game, as the Level cap in Dragon's Dogma is insanely high. 5. Main Pawn only: No Support Pawns allowed. This means that we will go through the vast majority of the game as Dual Warriors, meaning any enemy requiring ranged or Magick attacks to kill is virtually undefeatable if there are no Tools which help in the fight. Exceptions: At the beginning of the game, i will use the default Support Pawn to clear a Story Quest which requires a Magick user to complete. I will also use him to regulate Experience gain so that we reach Gran Soren at Level 10 both and can switch to Warrias soon as possible. "Mettle against Metal" will be ignored, both because it is essentially a Monster Quest (even though you need it for "The Hero"), and because it takes very long to complete as a Warrior and would lead to a extremely dragged out fight. The Ur-Dragon will be ignored because his Wingtip hearts are unreachable as a Warrior. That's all. Enjoy the new weekly content!

dragon's dogma dark arisen strider vs daimon

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - Lv. 3 Weapons

For the Updated Version of this Video, Please click the link below, Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUoBu... I'd like to thank everyone for 15,000 VIEWS!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THIS MANY VIEWS Want to see all the Ur-Dragon Equipment? click the link below to see all of them :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzfHiE... Edit: Sorry guys, Boltbringer for the Warrior comes from A level. 2 bitterblack weapon not a Level. 3. :(

Guia Dragon dogma Dark Arisen, misiones: LEVANTANDO SOSPECHAS EL AZOTE DEL GRIFO, JUICIO Y TRIBULACIONES. Gameplay español comentado.

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