PATH of EXILE 3.4 is DELVE! - Delve Into the Infinite Azurite Mines - Gameplay Reveal

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Delve into Baeclast #26 ZiggyD, RaizQT, Octavian0 & Grimro

New infinite progression league with Delve means a new Baeclast with infinite off topic "discussion" with the help of a certain BexGGG in the chat. Click below to see more from the cast! ———————————— Follow Grimro @ ———————————— Follow Octavian0 @ ———————————— Follow RaizQT @ ———————————— Follow ZiggyD @ ———————————— Follow Me @

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Check out College Info Geek! ►► Watch "How to Get Better Sleep" ►► Join Wisecrack! Subscribe! ►► Support Wisecrack on Patreon! ►► The Matrix is a masterpiece of the first order. But what happens when this sci-fi journey is complete? We unearth just how one of the most hyped sequels of all time went oh-so-wrong. Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on The Matrix Reloaded: What Went Wrong? === More Episodes! === Philosophy of LOGAN ► How RICK AND MORTY Tell A Story! ► Philosophy of GET OUT ► === Join us on Social Media! === FACEBOOK ►► TWITTER ►► @Wisecrack Get Email Alerts ►► Get Wisecrack Gear! ►► Written by: Thomas Ambrosini Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer Edited by: Mark Potts Assistant Editor: Andrew Nishimura Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin Produced by: Jacob Salamon © 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.

Path of Exile's 3.4 Challenge League and Expansion is DELVE! Delve deep into the infinite Azurite Mines. Abandoned after a deadly, impenetrable darkness awoke within it's twisting shafts it's now home to terrors unknown and filled with unclaimed treasures. Obtain new socketed crafting Resonators you can socket with Fossils to craft new and powerful gear. Fight new monsters & new bosses across many different biomes guided by the small safety lights of Niko the Mad's minecart Crawler.

Representing Path of Exile's first infinite dungeon, the Azurite mines can expand left and right and downwards without end. A new leaderboard will allow you to compete with other players on who can make it the deepest. Challenge and reward increase the further you travel.

10 New and Reworked skills, Guardian rework and passive skill tree changes. The return of the Reiquary and new graphical technology.
And more I will be showcasing in detail in the weeks leading up to the release of PoE's Delve League.


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