The 10 Stages of Every Spy Main

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The 10 Stages of Every Sniper Main

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The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

When your kids misbehave, the best course of action is to line them up and get to the bottom of things. The guns and violence are optional, but recommended. Music: The Sound of Warfare Listen - bandcamp - Artist: Hasan Abdullah [HAcomposer]

vines that keep me alive part 2

TF2 - Gun Game Gamemode! Gain A New Weapon For Each Kill!

Steam Group for announcements like this! - This is the Gun Game gamemode! What is the gun game gamemode you may ask? Well if you've been sleeping under a rock for the past 10 years and you haven't played Counter Strike at all then you might not know. Gun Game is a gamemode where you start off with a bad weapon but after each kill you get another weapon, usually better. The goal is to be the first player to get 25 kills, the last weapons are mostly difficult weapons to get a kill with. You also have a melee weapon, in this case the Pan. When you get a pan kill you demote the player you killed, so they go back to the previous weapon. Getting panned WILL upset you. After you finally get that flare gun kill, you FINALLY get a new weapon! But oh no, someone panned you, so you go back to the flare gun again! Whoops! This gamemode is fun, you should check it out! Server IP:


Fortnite is an illogical mess that makes Overwatch look smart by comparison. ENJOY! CHECK OUT my buddy MAHNSTERART: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: TWITCH: TWITTER: INSTA: Join the THICC Familia over on: DISCORD: Bruno Mar's "Treasure" is what you hear every 5 seconds My Outro song is "For a While" by DJ Quads #fortnite #makesnosense #macro

Please don't kill me, it's just a joke!

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