Season 3 Group Sets: CrazySkateNate (Shadow Jago) vs. UA|DevilMayCare (TJ Combo)

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Top 8 Finals ▷ Combo Breaker 2018 - Killer Instinct - Storm179 (Hisako) vs Devilmaycare (TJ Combo)

Combo Breaker 2018 - 3 days. 19+ tournaments. 24 hour venue. The Mega Center, Illinois, USA. 💀 Watch more Team Spooky 💀 Twitch ▷ Twitter ▷ Facebook ▷

GRAND FINAL - Menzo (Rash) vs. Nicky (Mira) - SCR 2017 - Killer Instinct

Replay from the Killer Instinct Grand Final at Southern California Regionals 2017 (SCR 2017) featuring Menzo (Rash) vs. Nicky (Mira). VOD courtesy --- Body Count Fighting is a channel devoted to all things fighting games. Each week on YouTube we post Street Fighter 5, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Injustice 2 combos & tips videos, grudge matches, and tournament replays. Every other month on Twitch we host a live event called Body Count Fighting (BCF), a series of exhibition/show matches in which pro players duke it out for championship titles and bragging rights in their respective games. For more great fighting game content, follow us here: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook:

Killer Instinct 1 arcade Black Orchid 60FPS Gameplay Playthrough

Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Killer Instinct 1 with Black Orchid at 60 FPS

Killer Instinct All Ultimates

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Season 3 Group Sets: DevilMayCare4 (TJ Combo) vs. RuinYourDay (Rash/Sadira)

Late Night Sets with RuinYourDay's slimy Rash and sticky Sadira, along with DevilMayCare4 showing off some TJ potential in a FT10. Follow us at:

Nate and Devil return for a rematch, however, Nate joins the dark side this time around. Will his Shadow Jago be enough?
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