Best PC Gaming Builds Of August 2018 [Monthly Builds 11]

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Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

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10 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building a Gaming PC

PC building isn't as scary as it may seem. Beginners should heed our warnings! Any other tips for newbies? Let us know! Subscribe for more:

AMD Ryzen vs Intel - Which CPU Brand to Pick for Gaming in 2019 [Simple]

✅ Read full article ➡️ ⭐️ Subscribe ➡️ 🎮 Buy AMD Ryzen CPUs ➡️ 🎮 Buy Intel Core CPUs ➡️ So which CPU brand is best, the AMD Ryzen processors or the Intel Core processors, specifically Intel Coffee Lake? That's exactly what we will be answering in this useful video we've made!

$8500 Ultimate High End Water Cooled Gaming & EDITING PC Build | Crazy Time Lapse

$8500 Ultimate Water Cooled Gaming & EDITING PC Build | Crazy Time Lapse. Check out our new Ultimate High end Water Cooled Gaming & editing PC build for 2018. Enjoy our latest Time Lapse custom water cooled PC Build using the Cougar Conquer Case. In this video you will see the latest and best PC hardware on the market for a high end custom water cooled gaming & rendering PC build! Featuring the i9 7980xe Processor, this PC will be smashing out video editing and rendering with a breeze. 2018 is a brand new year and with it we want to create a brand new ultimate custom water cooled gaming pc build for the channel, I hope you all enjoy the time lapse of this crazy gaming pc. SPECS: Cougar Conquer Case T-force Xtreem 32gb Memory Seagate Barracuda 12tb Samsung 970 EVO 250GB M.2 MSI 1080 SEAHAWK ekwb Seasonic Prime Platinum 1300w MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK Motherboard Intel Core X i9-7980XE Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 Cable Mod Cables Bitspower Water Cooling Black Ice Nemesis GTX 360 Radiator STOP SCROLLING RIGHT NOW! YOU FORGOT TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! _ ORDERS: _ RECOMMENDED PLAYLISTS TO ENJOY: (Final Custom PC Builds) (PC Modding Tutorials) (Water Cooling Guides) _ FOLLOW US: _ SUPPORT US: AU Affilate Amazon: US Affiliate Amazon: UK Affiliate Amazon: _ BUSINESS ENQUIRES: _ ABOUT ME: I am a self taught PC & Modding enthusiast who enjoys creativity and learning new techniques to create a one of a kind Case Designs. All of our work is produced in our back yard using mostly hand tools. At the age of 18 is when i made my first custom PC and our passion and drive continued from there now having countless builds under our belt and plenty more to come. We are one of Australia's largest Case Modders and have been recognized world wide by big tech media companies such as Linus Media Group and TweakTown. With our continued growth we have been fortunate enough to have a wide audience which enjoy our case modding tutorials and water cooling guides which we can provide on the YouTube platform. Our aim is to Create, Inspire and help people achieve their dream PC.

I spent $500 on Craigslist and this is what happened

This was definitely my most risky purchase. The intention behind this was first and foremost to get the best deal I possibly could because that matters a lot to me and the second was put my Craigslist skills to the test. Most people believe that it is luck of the draw no matter what kind of person you meet with, but I firmly believe that there is always a perfect way to handle each interaction/transaction so that you never get screwed. Anyways, I really tried a different approach to this video than I usually do. Let me know if you like the way this turned out and if you didn't let me know too. That said, enjoy the video! If you have any questions about the parts specifically or how I go about finding parts like these at what prices, I will answer. The best way to do that is through my discord. Link below. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and if you like the content I put out, a like and subscribe helps me out a ton for my confidence because as of now, I don't know if the content I am making is useful to anyone. Let me know any videos you would like to see in the future! Here is my discord server link that you should leave me a message or come talk to me over voice chat for longer questions or if you are just looking for some advice/support on your computer building experience :) Discord: And subscribe to see more content like this! Socials: Most of the music I use is by this genius:

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If you want to get into PC gaming in August 2018, this video’s for you! Check out how to build your own gaming computer in this pc build video! I’ll show you the best gaming PC build at $500, $750, and $1000 budgets.

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