Little inferno ending

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Little Inferno - The Death of Sugar Plumps

Rest in peace, the only comic relief this depressing game had.

Little inferno hidden combo

This is the 'last' combo of the game

Lets Attempt Guacamelee episode 1

First time attempting to film, instead of just live stream. Any advise or suggestions greatly enjoyed. Sorry for video skip about half way in, sound chopped. Welcome to the new youtube series Zetamoon attempts to play video games. I am not some amazing game master, but do enjoy to play, so what happens when a normal person tries to play games that the masters do? Expect much language and failing along the way.

Eos is hoarding again

Eos (my large mostly white dumbo rat) LOVES to move all the treats over near the litter pan when I first put them in. So decided to get a video of her doing it. By the time I started to film, she had moved many of them, so I put them all back to reset her...and sure enough...there she goes again. I have no idea why she does this, and out of my four girls, she is the only one that does this, then again we call her 'fatty rattie' because she ALWAYS wants to see if she can have a treat!

Little Inferno Last Combo and Ending

Just the last combo to the game Little Inferno. Sorry but i was having low frames when i was recording. Little Inferno, Little, Inferno, Games, game, gaming, End, combo, cutscene, combine, fire, burning, snow, cold, weather, Tomorrow Corporation, Indie, Indie game, World of goo, Pc, computer, steam, xbox, xbox 360, ps3, playstation, Guide, finished, exterminator, sunglasses, broken magnet, fireflies, chimney, fireplace, oven, coupons, coins, sun, UpLateGaming, Up, Late, Gaming, Up Late Gaming, Entertainment fireplace, warm, living, sugar lumps, online, 2013, youtube, how to, fun, different, Microsoft, Sony, valve, short, combinations, help, walkthrough, ULG,

This is after you do the last combo, how the game ends. Simple as that

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