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SOULCALIBUR VI All 20 Characters 4K Trailer Montage | Cervantes / Tira / Raphael / Voldo and more!

Hey guys, in this showcase montage I compiled all the revealed characters so far from SOULCALIBUR VI in true 4K quality. Enjoy the video and I see you soon on my next talk video! 1:12 Cervantes 1:58 Tira 2:44 Raphael 3:31 Voldo 4:17 Seong Mi-na 5:03 Astaroth 5:50 Azwel 6:36 Talim 7:22 Maxi 8:08 Yoshimitsu 8:54 Taki 9:41 Siegfried 10:27 Ivy 11:13 Zasalamel 12:00 Geralt of Rivia 12:52 Mitsurugi 13:25 Sophitia 13:58 Nightmare 14:32 Grøh 15:09 Xianghua 15:45 Kilik Enjoy the video? Remember to like, Comment and Subscribe! And if you'd like to be kept up-to-date with my upcoming gaming videos, then please Like and Follow my official social pages. ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Twitch If you'd like to support the channel and my work, feel free to donate ► This video has been created and edited by YellowMotion Production © 2018 SOUL CALIBUR © Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. All other registered trademarks ( audiovisual logo's and graphics ) or trademarks in this video are property of their respective owners. #SoulCalibur6 #SoulCaliburVI #RevealTrailer

soul calibur 5 characters special dialogue

Soul Calibur IV - Critical Finishes

Something different to upload, all the critical finishes in SCIV. Game has been out for a while, but why not. I don't have Yoda on mine, so didn't record his. The last 5 characters are special characters that have the same playstyle and critical finishes as the regular characters. Also ignore my costume change on Kilik lmao. I'm terrible at it. People been asking me for the Brawl textures I use. I made a blog about it a while ago on aib. So here you go, once again: It's a little outdated for the current textures I use, though. The rest can be found on BrawlVault:


VOLDO (beginner to MASTER) combos! Enjoy ;)))

Soul Calibur — A History of Guest Characters Video

Check out the all of the Soulcalibur series' crossovers in one nifty video with 1UP's Jose Otero.

Character dependent, and this specific set up only works if they don't guard. It can work vs guard, I just don't know a set up

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