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We happy few speedrun any% 4:09 [World record]

ARE YOU HAPPY?!?! (We Happy Few)

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Are You Lost in the World Like Me? (Animated Short Film by Steve Cutts)

I did not create this, I'm just passing on art to you I feel should be recognized. This is a telling of the times by my favorite modern day animator Steve Cutts. In a Max Fleischer style character walks through the world of distracted digital zombies. Artist links below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQLC-evmUAon9BBpcW4kYg http://www.stevecutts.com/ https://vimeo.com/user4630714

We Happy Few | Don't Attend Simon Says...

We Happy Few's "Simon Says" is getting out of hand.

What Happens After 1000 Years in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 takes place in 2287, over 250 years from now. Time passes rather quickly in Fallout 4 with each day only taking 72 minutes. Through the power of console commands, we can manipulate time itself. So, What Happens After 1000 Years in Fallout? Check out some of my other videos if you enjoyed this one: Lone Wanderer vs The Courier vs Sole Survivor - Who Wins? (Round 1) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ep8AZQ1CGA Lone Wanderer vs The Courier vs Sole Survivor - Round 2 (End-game) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUzgbrSA76M 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Lone Wanderer (Fallout 3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU6o18xX4Yc 6 Saddest Fallout Creatures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDfS2kqEjhg 6 More Sad Fallout Creatures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3emYWJv3lOI 7 Scariest Fallout Creatures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxdkkn4R_sQ Support me on Patreon: patreon.com/mittensquad SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/MittenSquad Twitter: http://bit.ly/MittenSquadTwitter What Happens After 1000 Years in Fallout? (in text form) To get things started, you should know that there are two console commands we can use to answer the question. The first command is “sgtm” which can be used to change the game speed. 1 is the default value. Setting sgtm to 2 makes everything happen twice as fast. Character movements, gun fire, dialog, pretty much everything. My first thought was to use this command to speed things up until 1000 years pass. But once I set sgtm to 15, things got weird. And then the game froze. Not a big deal. I figured there were just too many characters, lighting effects, and things going on in Diamond City. Lots of moving parts. Let’s head back to Vault 111. There’s no weather or alive NPCs down there. If you mute the audio and don’t move, you can’t even tell that the game speed has seen a 1500% increase. Until you try to open the console command window and it doesn’t work because the game crashed again. Okay, the sgtm command clearly isn’t going to work. The other command we can use is “set timescale to”, which effects the game time, but not the actual gameplay. The default timescale is 20, which means that 1 minute in the real world is 20 minutes in-game. So 1 day would take 72 minutes. First I set the timescale to 150, just to show how little impact it actually has. It’s 7.5 times faster than the normal timescale, but you can still barely tell that the sun is moving if you look at it. Cranking it up to 500 is much more noticeable, but still not nearly fast enough. If you just want to watch the world, I think 2500 is the sweet spot. The skyline changes quickly but not so quick that you can’t appreciate it. Now it’s time to get serious. 25,000 is the next step up. Things are getting fast. Before we go any further, if you’re sensitive to flashing lights, don’t go any further in this video. By this point, 7 days have passed since we left Vault 111. It’s not fast enough, not by a long shot. Timescale 100,000. We’re starting to get a strobe light effect. Now almost a month has passed. Timescale 500,000 makes the entire day last less than 1 second. Within a few seconds we’re almost into February of 2288. Timescale 1,000,000. It’s starting to get a little absurd now. Timescale 10,000,000. At this point, 2 in-game years pass in about 5 seconds. It’s fast, but not fast enough. I see no reason to not speed things up. Back to seizureville, the timescale is up to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). When I opened my Pip-Boy to check the date, it was January 91, 2402. It was about this time that things started getting weird. I let it run for a few more seconds then checked the date again. It wasn’t. Instead of the date, there was a decimal number that changed after I re-opened the Pip-Boy. A few tries later and we got a date back. January 74, 2455. After a quick save, it was time to increase the timescale yet again. We’re now at 10 billion. The decimals were still there. Eventually I got the date back, which was now January 52, 2566. As expected, we’re getting closer and closer to the end goal. However, playtime is over. No more single digit increases. Timescale is now 1 trillion. With the timescale now marching us rather quickly towards the eventual heat death of the universe, it was time to take out a gun and fire a few shots. Gun works. So does the flashlight. The year is now 2718. Timescale 10 trillion quickly pushed us over the 2999 threshold. And… the date broke again. Now it’s November 29, 21,054. We missed the mark by almost 18,000 years. What does this mean? Well, it seems as though time itself stops meaning anything once you go beyond the year 2999. Which isn’t necessarily surprising. At that point, 712 in-game years have passed since the Sole Survivor emerged from Vault 111. To reach the year 2999, you’d need to play Fallout 4 for a little over 35 years. There’s no reason for Bethesda to allow the game to go beyond 2999 because it would never get there without through normal means.

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"We Happy Few" is a narrative-driven action-adventure game set in a retrofuturistic 1960s England. Uncover the mystery of Wellington Wells as you play through the interwoven narratives of three moderately terrible citizens trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial.

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