Kingdom Hearts 3 - In-Game Menu & Keyblade Transformation Forms Analysis (Concept)

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Sora VS. Roxas But With Ed, Edd, and Eddy Sound Effects. I had too much fun making this and I'm sorry lol Kingdom Hearts 3 I guess? haha Thumbnail Image: Twitter - Instagram - Twitch -

Yes, I created all of these menus and screens from scratch! It took a very LONG time 😅
[Programs Used: Adobe After Effects CC & Adobe Photoshop CC]

Today we will be discussing a topic that I believe deserves more attention than it's been given. The leveling system in Kingdom Hearts 3 is a huge topic of discussion amongst the Kingdom Hearts Community, yet not many people have decided to jump in and tackle the idea head on. So, I bring you a complete analysis and concept design for the leveling system, keyblade transformations, forms, and much more!

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Zephyr - (Bolt of Zeus Keyblade)

Desolo Zantas - (Vim & Vigor Remix)

The AaroniousOne ! (Union X Footage)

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