Red Dead Redemption Trailer - Living in the West

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Red Dead Redemption - Ending and Jack's Revenge

Red Dead Redemption is my favourite game from the previous generation. I write for Backwards Compatible, and wrote about my RDR experiences. Linked below.

The 6 Hardest Decisions in Games (That You'll Get Wrong Either Way)

The 6 Hardest Decisions in Games (That You'll Get Wrong Either Way). Spoilers inside, but for games no newer than The Walking Dead (and including The Walking Dead). Many games don't feature decisions any more sophisticated than picking what to shoot people with, but others have dilemmas so difficult we still can't make up our minds. We'll settle on a name for our Rock Band at some point, we swear. In the meantime, ponder these six no-win decisions you'll get wrong whatever you choose. Decisions! Mass Effect: Kaidan or Ashley? Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Upgrade your neural chip? The Walking Dead: Cut your arm off? Fable 2: Love or sacrifice? Fallout: New Vegas: Save the survivors or doom the farms? Red Dead Redemption: Spare the sasquatch? --- Outside Xbox brings you daily Xbox 360 and Xbox One videos. Join us for gameplay, previews, tips, guides, interviews and more. Find us at Subscribe to us at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at

4 Ways to beat the Creatures from A Quiet Place

To skip the conditions and get right to the solutions: 6:06 Music by Andrew Applepie Twitter: Patreon: Ed Ricker's "How loud are they? MAVIC PRO vs PHANTOM 4 PRO" 8:46 Casey Neistat's "GREATEST DRONE EVER!! DJi Mavic Pro" 8:50 Corey Binfeld's "Killing Toxic Black Mold - How to Remove Mold Safely" 15:15

All Red Dead Redemption Trailers (Compilation)

All Trailers released for Red Dead Redemption (2010).

Red Dead Redemption - Weapons and Death Trailer

See more IGN videos at - You thought the West was wild? Wait till you get a load of this.

Living in the West is tough, but don't let those six-shooters get you down. See how Rockstar recreated the Wild West in this new video.

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