Gintendo Stream #34: Gargoyle's Quest [Firebrand retranslation]

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Game Boy World #054: Gargoyle's Quest [Capcom, 1990]

Ah, here we go. A true Game Boy classic. Capcom's ambitious debut for the platform brought the Ghosts ’N Goblins series to the world of portable entertainment, but not in a way we'd ever seen before. Perhaps in acknowledgement of the limitations of the hardware, Capcom shifted the focus away from Arthur's hopeless action quests in favor of a slower-paced, RPG-tinged adventure featuring the bane of every Ghosts ’N Goblins fan's existence: A Red Arremer named Firebrand. Despite an iffy localization and the inevitable content censorship that a game revolving around satanic hosts had to accept under Nintendo's religion-free regime, Gargoyle's Quest expanded the scope of the Ghosts ’N Goblins universe... and it brought legitimate excellence and ambition to Game Boy. An essential selection. Game Boy World is made possible through viewer support through Patreon ( And please check out the needs list if you have any old Game Boy software you've been wanting to get rid of (especially boxes!):

Mighty Bomb Jack & Solomon's Key retrospective: Tecmo's inception | NES Works #042

A new third-party challenger has appeared! Tecmo arrives on NES with two simultaneous launches, both of which more or less fall into the puzzle-platformer genre. Solomon's Key and Mighty Bomb Jack are full of arcane secrets and high difficulty levels. Just the kind of thing a growing video game boy needs in his diet.

Gintendo Stream #029 - Symphony of the Night [Saturn] Maria Mode redux

My previous attempt to showcase Maria Renard's weird alternate mode in the Japan-only Saturn release of Symphony of the Night didn't work out so well, but we're gonna make it happen this time. Brace yourself for HORROR BEYOND IMAGINING. Or maybe just a teenage girl ninja-kicking her way through demonic hordes. Note to Americans over the age of 18: You're only allowed to watch this stream if you vote today!

Teleroboxer retrospective: Eyestrain of the tiger | Virtual Boy Works #03

The third launch selection for Virtual Boy may remind you of another beloved Nintendo franchise, but that's just a coincidence. A coincidence, I say! This game is NOT Punch-Out!!, even though it does happen to be a comical boxing title with enormous, personality-packed sprites. For one thing, its control scheme and interface are VASTLY more complex than that other series.... (Thanks again to Chris Kohler for the software loan.)

Ranking the Sega Consoles

I'm often asked about my feelings on how the Sega systems(and add-ons) stack up against one another. Which is my favorite, or where a certain machine ranks in the hierarchy. In this episode, I shed most of the negativity and just rank the machines based on what I enjoyed the most and a brief explanation of why. I'm now on Patreon! Help support the channel. Check out my Sega Lord X merchandise page! If you would like to support the channel directly: Head over to Facebook to hear me ramble about various things: Opening animation done by: Episode Notes: Opening SEEEEGAAAA from Astal on the Sega Saturn. The episode closes out with the end credits music from Panzer Dragoon 1. I included the 32X and Sega CD mainly because of their libraries. They both have games no other Sega mainline system received. I finally am capturing decent Dreamcast video. Hopefully I will be putting out more videos of it. The Pico was a device aimed at younger gamers that played games using a tablet like interface.It actually had a number of cool games, I just haven't played enough of it to give you a fully formed impression. I realize that combining the Game Gear and SMS will ruffle some feathers, but it's more to do about their similarity in games than anything. I played many later SMS games on my GG via a converter as well.

Let's play some Game Boy! With my all-time favorite entry in the Ghosts ’N Goblins series: Gargoyle's Quest, which recently got a comprehensive fan retranslation called Firebrand. Let's see if I can even make it past the grueling first stage on this live stream.

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