Star Fox: Assault #6- What Adventures Should Have Been

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Star Fox: Assault #7- Why Can't I Use An Arwing?

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Starfox Assault - Sauria: Reunion - Mission 6

After a pat on the back from General Pepper for capturing the core memory from Pigma, a distress call comes in from an old friend and we head back to the scene of Fox's prior adventure, Sauria, otherwise known as Dinosaur Planet! With the planet ravaged by the Aparoids, Fox fights to remove all the hatchers on the planet, sparing the civilians from becoming just another part of the aparoid collective, but there is one dinosaur at the forefront of their minds, how and where is Tricky?

Star Fox Assault - All Bosses

Here are all bosses of Star Fox Assault for Nintendo Gamecube (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy - Rate - Comment - Subscribe =) Activate the description for the order of the bosses!! Bosses in order : Boss 1 - Oikonny's flagship - 00:00 Boss 2 - Aparoid (Fortuna) - 01:27 Boss 3 - Aparoid (Katina) - 03:31 Boss 4 - Star Wolf - 06:34 Boss 5 - Infected Shield Generator - 09:59 Boss 6 - Pigma Dengar - 13:12 Boss 7 - General's flagship - 15:37 Final Boss - Aparoid Queen - 19:32 Ending - 25:49 Outro - 27:24 All boss battles of Star Fox Assault for Nintendo Gamecube

Star Fox: Assault - Mission 10 - Homeworld Core - The Final Battle

Mission 10: Defeat the Aparoid Queen The Aparoid Queen is somewhere in the depths of the planet. Overcome all obstacles, find the queen, and deliver the self destruct program. This is your Final Mission. ________________________________________________ Well here we are with the finale to this game. Overall great mission, Only thing I hated was near the end with those closing doors. If theres a door, I'll surely smash right into it. It happens all the time lol. I happened to lose a teammate during the final boss. Almost wanted to restart the mission when i rendered this awhile ago but because of upcoming projects, it may have to wait. I thank you everyone for watching me enjoy one of my favorite games, I hope you enjoyed something along the way. I may play Star Fox Adventures and 64 later on during summer after a few more projects are wrapped up but for now, enjoy the end of Star Fox Assault (watch through the credits, there nice and short and interesting which is a first)

Star Fox: Assault - Mission 1 ~ Fortuna - A New Enemy

Mission 1: take out Oikonny In orbit around the planet Fortuna, the Cornerian battle fleet fights Oikonny and the remnants of Andross' army. Search out and destroy Oikonny's flagship by using an arwing to navigate the battlefield. If Oikonny flees, follow him and shoot him down.

Would have made our time on Saria a whole lot easier if we could use our normal weapons.

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