10 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

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I Got Bullied For Being a Default in Playground Fill, Then DESTROYED Them (Fortnite)

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The 10 Stupidest Gamers Of All Time

When you make a mistake in a video game you can consider that you had a bad moment or you weren’t paying enough attention, but when you destroy your gear on purpose because of a lost match, there’s no excuse that can save you: you simply are an irresponsible gamer. People make all kinds of idiotic scenes when they lose their cool during a video game and we’re here to show you ten of the stupidest gamers of all time who made a fool of themselves on camera. http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero


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Let Clem Eats Human Meat vs Asks Her to Stop -All Choices- The Walking Dead

When Lee finds Mark in the bathroom and discovers that the St. John Family are cannibals, he head to the dinner table and tries to stop Clementine from eating. Depending on how the player react and the choices he makes, Clementine can whether eat the human flesh or not. All choices and dialogues are included in this video. #clementine, #lee, #thewalkingdead, #telltalegame

Constant evolution is a part of human nature and thus people have taken a great liking towards the Guinness Book of Records, the publication that indexes all the exceptional things in the world. As gaming has become more and more influential as a medium it was impossible to stay away from the tempting domain of record breaking achievements. In what follows, we will be showcasing 10 amazing video game records that are quite impossible to break.

Thumbnail: Okan Kaya, Australian Gamer who played Call Of Duty For 135 Hours.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

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