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Five Nights At The Chum Bucket

The Sequel to Five Nights At The Krusty Krab! Twitter ► Facebook ► Livestream ► T-Shirts (U.S.) ► T-Shirts (Europe) ► Click here to submit fan art: Outro made by ► Five Nights At The Chum Bucket is AMAZING!

SlendyTubbies 2

Slendytubbies is back and more horrifying than before! Twitter ► Facebook ► Livestream ► T-Shirts (U.S.) ► T-Shirts (Europe) ► Click here to submit fan art: Download game here:

Yamimash Ragetage #1

More of these types of videos? click below :) Subscribe to Kaos Yamimash - Follow me here- Yamimash is a friend of mine this is all for fun and the video is at no means to make fun of yami its just a thing going around now you guys seem to love rage tages.


(]High Quality Option Available[)*** ________________________ -First time playing Horde*~ -Recorded November 7th 2008 -Uploaded November 9th 2008 ________________________ -5,000 Views: 12/01/08 -10,000 Views: 12/20/08 -15,000 Views: 01/11/09 -20,000 Views: 02/11/09 -25,000 Views: 03/26/09 -30,000 Views: 06/05/09 -35,000 Views: --/--/10 ________________________ -This is Wave 50...on casual. (first night of Gears...can you blame me lol?) __________________________ Thanks for watching! n___n ________________________ GOW2 DAZZLE DVC 170 720 X 480 MPEG 4 FULL 125MB NTSC 4:3 STANDARD RATIO RUNNING ON S-VIDEO [MONSTER HQ CABLE] UPLOADING PROCESS:~2hr's 45mins ________________________ P.S. Your probably wondering, "Hey since you beat wave 50, why didn't you get the achievement for it? -well, I started at wave 20 then worked my way up to wave 50, then went back to playing wave 1-19; ergo, I got my final horde achievement at wave 19 and not 50. -Video was not meant to brag or anything, I just wanted to quickly post a wave 50 horde as fast as I could right after the game was released. -OH BTW, calling me a noob on my first time playing this game makes you SOOO cool. WHAT A Fuckin tease!!! :O

Yamimash Hall of Fame RAGETAGE!

Hope you guys enjoyed! I brought you all your Yamimash rage needs together all in one single video :) Be sure to checks LiKeBuTTeR's Hall of Fame Ragetage Below! Yamimash- Thanks to the following people for making this video possible! Kaos Bradmate Kaos LiKeBuTTeR Follow my Twitter- Subscribe to my Community Channel- Subscribe to my Clan's Channel- LIVE STREAM!- ICEMAN TEE'S! -

Uh.. well.. Video commentarys would be much more frequent and easier but my webcam software crashes all the time so I'm forced to use the video camera which has really bad quality and is awkward to use. Thinking about it all I need to do is to get a better video camera which isn't a nuisance to connect and extract files from and I'll be a happier guy.


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