Why Does It All Come down to Color ( race) ?

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Do You Know What You Are Alchemically

Do you know what you and and what you will become? Lets discuss check out the audiobook The Kabalion at the link below :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eclGnhomd2s&t=9732s

THe Mirror Dimension , Science and Manifesting

according to Stephen Hawking ... "Brief Answers to The Big Questions"

How To Escape The Law Of Rhythm (Transmutation)

The Law of Rhythm says the pendulum must swing back just as high and it swung forward, you must feel as much joy as you have felt pain....but as and Alchemist you can escae that Law.

Planet 9 , Lilith, and Change

Discussion with live questions

Nibiru is THe Black Sun has Returned

a realistic discusion and what to expect and what to be realistic about , No shade , no hae just science . also looking at Book of Enoch

the signs, codes, science and source knowledge is telling us something, it is time to understand without pride or anger, but with understanding and wisdom

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