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Winning Prizes at Carnival Games!

Today I play some Carnival Games at Martin's Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Grand Island New York. I end up winning many prizes from a variety of games! Arcade Warrior Shop!  Second Channel: Gaming Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Kik: Freedombladez FAN MAIL!  Arcade Warrior PO Box 342 N.Chili, NY 14514 United States of America Music provided by NCS Ash O'Connor - Vibe Alan Walker - Fade Subscribe For New Videos Every Tuesday & Friday!

Playing Fantasy Island Carnival Games!

I play many carnival games! I win from most of them!

Super Mario 64 DS - 100% Walkthrough Part 1 - Bob-omb Battlefield

Part 1 of a 100% walkthrough for Super Mario 64 DS. This covers the first world in the game Bob-omb Battlefield. This walkthrough will show how to get all 150 stars in the game. Super Mario 64 DS 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

Carnival Games Playthrough (Part 1)

The Play-through I was going to do earlier I'm doing now! With Co-Commentators! Brad- NIntendoBrad64 - and Dec - ChaosC57! Please Enjoy the video and don't forget to Comment, Rate, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

Diddy Kong Racing DS (NDS Gameplay)

Diddy Kong Racing DS (DS) - Character: Diddy Kong - Track: Ancient Lake Diddy Kong Racing DS contains several features that were not present in the original Nintendo 64 version. Most notable is the inclusion of a six player multiplayer mode, and a two-four player battle mode. The game also makes use of the Nintendo DS touch-screen and microphone, with the ability for sound effect recording. The remake includes several new characters, with the exclusion of two original characters. The game also boasts remodeled and retextured tracks, with new modes, weapons and challenges; as well as fully customizable vehicles and tracks. Every track has been graphically enhanced with more variations with an increased quality in the textures used. Even with these enhancements, the game performs at a higher and more consistent frame-rate than the original Nintendo 64 game. Several new tracks including: Thunder Cove, Meandering Mount, Splashdown Pass, and Strangled Shrine - all DK-themed jungle tracks - have been added. Background music in various tracks including: Jungle Falls, Snowball Valley, Pirate Lagoon, Treasure Caves, Windmill Plains, and Spaceport Alpha, has been changed to new music not heard from the original (Spacedust Alley plays Spaceport Alpha's original BGM in this version and the credits plays Jungle Falls original BGM). Nevertheless, all the background music in the game has been significantly improved quality-wise. A feature present in most games from the Donkey Kong series, bananas, is not available in the remake. However, coins have been added as a replacement, but they don't increase speed; they are the currency used to buy certain features in the game. Also, silver coin challenges have been replaced (though it is now an unlockable mode) by balloon-popping challenges, where the player is able to use Taj's magic carpet to pop balloons using the stylus. Several minor feature changes have occurred in the remake, including the absence of magic codes in the options menu. Also, the homing missile is now the last upgrade, when using red balloons, whereas it was the second upgrade in the original version. Also, the second upgrade, when using red balloons, is five semi-homing missiles. The Icons for the Yellow Balloons is in reverse order. The option to use the car in Everfrost Peak was removed, as water is now where solid ice used to be. The ability to perform a barrel roll or a loop in the plane has been removed. You reverse by holding the B Button when using only a car or plane. The up and down control of the plane was inverted. In the original version, four balloons were scattered around the isle from the beginning of the game, but in the remake they are available via other obstacles. A feature not present in the original Nintendo 64 game is the ability to create customisable player display icons. In Diddy Kong Racing DS, up to six display icons can be created. This is done in a style similar to the Mario Kart DS Decal Maker, however in Diddy Kong Racing DS, the digital control pad cannot be used to draw. Unlike Mario Kart DS, the icons used will not appear on your vehicle; they are used as avatars for your character, and can be placed on the tracks using the track editor. The AI has also been enhanced. Shortcuts which only a human controlled vehicle would take (like the tunnel near the end of Frosty Village) are now accessed by CPUs.

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