Vicky Duval Quick Toss Tennis Drill: accelerate faster on your groundstorkes

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Classic Tennis Forehand vs Modern Forehand Technique Have you ever wondered what it means that the forehand is "modern" and how it differs from the "classic" tennis forehand technique? And what should you do if you're currently playing with a more classic forehand technique but you would like to transition to a more modern forehand? Answers to these questions can be found in the video above where I demonstrate both types of forehands and show you what the real difference is. As you will see the classic forehand hit more like a one rigid unit where the arm is not bending nor does the body coil. The modern forehand on the other hand is segmented which means it has many more moving parts that create a very powerful kinetic chain. While this creates more power and it is also more difficult to control therefore it's not really the best idea to try and copy the pros if you don't practice as much as you'll make too many mistakes.

13 BEST Grip Strength Exercises for Wrists & Forearms

FREE pdf - 7 Worst Testosterone Killers Grip Strength is a very important and often forgotten part of training. That goes for MEN and for women too! Having strong wrists and forearms is essential to all compound lifting and it translates to healthy and balanced arms as we age. Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS shows you his TOP 13 exercises for strengthening those wrists and forearms. While a pair of high quality grippers is a good thing to use and have at your disposal, there are MANY other ways to hit the muscles of the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers. Here they are! 13 BEST Grip Strength Exercises for Wrists & Forearms -seated barbell wrist curl -seated barbell reverse curl -standing barbell wrist curl -behind the back barbell wrist curl -seated dumbbell wrist twist -hammer wrist curls -isometric ball squeeze -isometric plate squeeze -plate flip and catch -resistance band wrist extension -wrist roller -farmer's carry -cliffhanger #1 Way to UNLOCK Your Tight Hip Flexors (helps grow glutes!) Subscribe to Our Channel:

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Vicky Duval Quick Toss Tennis Drill: accelerate faster on your groundstrokes

Work on increasing your racquet head speed with this simple drill!

WTA Player, Vicky Duval, explains one of her favorite drills to work on her groundstrokes.

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Vicky Duval Quick Toss Tennis Drill: accelerate faster on your groundstrokes

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