Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale - All Rival Scenes [HD]

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Playstation Move Heros Cutscenes with Subtitles HD

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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale-All Cutscenes (With DLC)


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Legend of Zelda: The Gender Destiny Bender

So once again i have to use the comment section to let people know Im aware of a fuck up (this time its not so huge) Ganondorf hasn't actually reincarnated in the series save for his twilight princess counterpart being reincarnated in four swords. This is my bad. But I still feel this doesn't hurt the argument for the video where Ganondorf is still brought back based off a specific curse and being so closely linked to Demise, whereas Link is still a mortal brought back by a Hylian influence or his Master Sword. Plus Ganondorf could still be a good guy after a reincarnation of some kind Opening song: Devils Got You Beat-Blues Scarceno Intro Animation by: Animation by: Art by: How to Support || Donations: Please Consider Patreon: Multistreaming with: Twitch: Howe to reach me || Discord Twitter Comics TALK TO ME! Table Top Podcasts || Pocket Cast Sound Cloud iTunes Stitcher Google:

00:00 - Kratos vs sweet tooth
01:29 - Parappa vs Spike
02:39 - Fat Princess vs Cole
03:45 - Radec vs Sir Dan
05:03 - Sly vs Drake
06:12 - Cole vs Raiden
07:26 - Ratchet vs Jak
08:32 - Big Daddy vs Sackboy
10:08 - Dante vs Nariko
11:26 - Heihachi vs Toro

Just a little Compilation put together by Council Member Theo mm. All Rivalry Cut Scenes in one place nice!
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