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Overwatch - All Origin Stories!

All the Overwatch Origin Story Trailers in one video (up to Brigitte). Some great lore and backstories to characters from the game, including Brigitte, Moira, Tracer, Doomfist, Soilder 76 and more! Time stamps: 00:00 - Brigitte 01:03 - Moira 02:29 - Doomfist 04:25 - Tracer 05:41 - Sombra 07:14 - Soldier 76 08:48 - Ana 11:13 - Junkrat and Roadhog 12:53 - Orisa 14:22 - King's Row Uprising For an updated version of this video with more characters, please click here: Be sure to subscribe for more fun video game content! Thanks for watching! :D Interested in making video game Youtube videos? Click here to join Curse Union for Gamers!


23 Overwatch characters and the actors who voice them! Time Stamps: 0:06- Tracer (Cara Theobold) 0:24- Reinhardt (Darin de Paul) 0:53- D.Va (Charlet Chung) 1:15- Lucio (Jonny Cruz) 1:32- Genji (Gaku Space) 1:43- Hanzo (Paul Nakauchi) 2:11- Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani) 2:26- Ana (Aysha Selim) 2:59- Zenyatta (Feodor Chin) 3:09- Mei (Elise Zhang) 4:00- Torbjorn (Keith Silverstein) 4:23- Mercy (Lucy Pohl) 4:52- Reaper (Keith Ferguson) 5:12- Pharah (Jen Cohn) 5:27- Widowmaker (Chole Holling) 5:42- Winston (Crispin Freeman) 6:09- Bastion (Chris Metzen) 6:16- Sombra (Carolina Ravassas) 6:48- McCree (Matthew Mercer) 7:21- Junkrat (Chris Parson) 7:35- Roadhog (Josh Petersdorf) 8:02- Zarya (Dolya Gavanski) 8:30- Soldier: 76 (Fred Tatasciore)

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Moira: 5:54
Doomfist: 0:01
Genji: 0:13
Mccree: 0:39
Pharah: 1:05
Reaper: 1:29
Soldier 76: 1:46
Sombra: 2:21
Tracer: 2:32
Bastion: 2:47
Hanzo: 2:58
Junkrat: 3:09
Mei: 3:21
Torbjorn: 3:27
Widowmaker: 3:43
D.Va: 3:55
Orisa: 4:09
Reinhardt: 4:18
Roadhog: 4:32
Winston: 4:44
Zarya: 4:53
Ana: 5:19
Lucio: 5:27
Mercy: 5:41
Symmetra: 6:12
Zenyatta: 6:25


Moira -

Doomfist -

Genji - & &

Mccree -

Pharah -

Reaper -

Soldier: 76 -

Sombra -

Tracer -

Bastion -

Hanzo -

Junkrat - &

Mei -

Torbjorn -

Widowmaker -

D.Va -

Orisa -

Reinhardt -

Roadhog -

Winson -

Zarya -

Ana -

Lucio -

Mercy -

Symmetra -

Zenyatta -

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