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Mortal Kombat X: Ranked, Sets, Hype!

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Rival Megagun strats and match overview and commentary (me vs A1NVERSE)

I go over my gameplan, general strategy, and the basics of how the game functions and plays at a competitive level in this match against A1NVERSE -- Watch live at

SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ Siegfried btSCH B optimal combo

Ending with 3B also works, but the damage ranges from 79 to 85, so it is less useful. SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-ca/tid=CUSA09903_00

SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ Voldo caliostro A+G back throw from front

Character dependent, and this specific set up only works if they don't guard. It can work vs guard, I just don't know a set up SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-ca/tid=CUSA09903_00

Maybe Raphael is a bit too linear

I wish my idle stance stepped SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-ca/tid=CUSA09903_00

Street Fighter® V!/en-ca/tid=CUSA01200_00

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