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10 Video Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode

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[PS2] GUNGRAVE Stage6 - The Tower (Ending)

[PS2] GUNGRAVE Stage6 - The Tower (Ending)

Skyrim VR PS4 Gameplay: So spielt sich das Rollenspiel-Epos in VR!

Skyrim VR entführt uns ein weiteres Mal in die eisigen Weiten Himmelrands – doch diesmal komplett in 3D. Wolf hat sich das Mega-Rollenspiel angeguckt und sich direkt in der epischen Geschichte um Drachen, eine uralte Prophezeiung und erschlagene Hühner verloren. Achtung: Dieses Spiel ist ein Zeitfresser! Verpasst kein Video mehr: Inside PlayStation ist ein regelmäßiges, deutsches Video-Magazin mit Anne, Wolf, Trant und Maurice. Wir stellen euch die neuesten Themen aus dem PlayStation-Universum vor und streamen jeden zweiten Freitag LIVE zu die neuesten Games, aktuelle Highlights und Klassikern die uns am Herzen liegen. All unsere Angespielt-Videos findet ihr hier: Holt euch jetzt die Inside PlayStation-App für PS4 aus dem PS Store:!/cid=... Folgt uns auf unseren Kanälen für die neusten Trailer und allen Infos zu PlayStation VR und unserem PS Store! PlayStation Deutschland - Trailer & mehr: PlayStation Blog Deutschland: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: Snapchat: PlayStationDACH Mehr zu unseren Inside PlayStation-Moderatoren: Anne: Wolf: Trant: Maurice: Impressum: Sony Interactive Entertainment Deutschland GmbH Frankfurter Straße 190 A 63263 Neu-Isenburg Vertreten durch: Andrew J. House, James G. Ryan, Uwe Bassendowski Kontakt: Telefon: +49 6102 433 0 Telefax: +49 6102 433 333 E-Mail: Registereintrag: Eintragung im Handelsregister. Registergericht: Amtsgericht Offenbach Registernummer: HRB 11603 Umsatzsteuer-ID: Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß §27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 811 826 260

BRING IT NEMESIS! | Resident Evil 3 Full Game Gameplay Hard Mode

You can support my channel here - Resident Evil 3 was my first ever face cam series on the channel and now I have decided to revisit it on hard mode. I have no clue what to expect from Resident Evil 3 hard mode but I hope you all enjoy the gameplay. The Resident Evil Queen is back. What is Resident Evil 3? Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a survival horror video game developed by Capcom and originally released for the PlayStation video game console in 1999. It is the third instalment in the Resident Evil video game series and takes place before and after the events of Resident Evil 2. The story follows Jill Valentine and her efforts to escape from a city infected with a biological weapon. Player's choices through the game affect how the story unfolds and which ending is achieved. ❤ Suzy Lu T Shirts & More: ❤ Donate Here: ❤ Become A Patreon: Patreon: ❤ Connect on Twitter:

[PS2] GUNGRAVE OD Stage9 - Starship (Ending)

[PS2] GUNGRAVE OD Stage9 - Starship (Ending)

After the fierce battle to stamp out the nefarious drug SEED, resurrected gunman Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short) resumed his slumber, with Mika Asagi watching over him. Yet even with the defeat of Garino Corsione’s criminal organization, the distribution of SEED continued, and Mika set about hunting down all traces of it across the world.

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After 14 years, Mika tracked the manufacture of SEED to South City, which was in the grips of a wave of new infections. The appearance of new Orgmen—monsters transformed by the drug—turned the city into a battlefield. Mika remembered the faces of all those she had lost in the fight against evil—especially those of her father, Big Daddy, and mother, Maria—and resolved to set up base in South City.

“Lend me your power, Beyond the Grave!”

Clad in black and wielding his set of dual guns, Cerberus, Grave will take to the streets to defeat a new group of Orgmen and stop the flow of SEED once and for all.

Multiple Perspectives to Master
Fight through intense levels, with some taking place in free-moving third person and some in first person (both stationary and mobile). Each perspective offers new challenges for action gamers.

A Legendary Pedigree
Gungrave VR showcases the return of character designer Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) and the original Gungrave designers at Red Entertainment as advisers. Grave and Mika’s designs have been upgraded after 14 long years.

Broad Language Support
Gungrave VR is fully-voiced in English and Japanese, and offers the following language options for text: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Kick Their Ass!
Play how you want with three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Kick-Ass. Are you hardcore enough to take down the Orgmen in Kick-Ass mode?

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