(WX-78) Don't Starve: Shipwrecked - Episode 3: Hounds or Crocodiles?

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State of Decay 2 (Random Gameplay) (Xbox One) (No Commentary)

Hello everyone. Here is a random long gameplay video of State of Decay 2. It was me playing the game while streaming on Mixer. If you enjoy this type of content, then like, subscribe, and also tell me what kind of games I need to play more! This was played on Xbox One. If you have any other games for me to try, feel free to tell me. Also do not take these long plays seriously. I am not a professional let's player, and I do them for fun, not competition. My Twitter is #GaiaLegend. #Gaia #GaiaLegend Best moments: 5:34 Horde 8:29 Zombie Infestation 44:35 Zombie raid 58:05 Poor guy 1:06:00 Car trouble 1:17:22 Who's There? 1:28:32 Intense scene

Look What I Found..Young Gaia...Old Footage

Hey everyone, here is a video of me, when I was younger, around 10 years ago, prepare to cringe or laugh your behind off!


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Voice Over Try 1#: Etrigan, Lord of Hell (Used DC Universe Intro)

This is just me trying to do his voice. I tried it multiple times but I found this one to be the better.

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This is my Let's Play series of Don't Starve: Shipwrecked and we have to deal with crazy tropical events like snakes, storms and of course, the ocean! What madness lurks in the depths of this world? Let's find out!

My Twitter: #GaiaLegend

If you like what you see, then tell me in the comments below for more Don't Starve content! Thank you for watching!

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