Mega Man X - SNES Mini - Race Practice

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Mega Man X5 - The Beginning of the End for Mega Man X

After a weeks delay, J's Reviews returns with the sixth installment of The All Inclusive Mega Man X Retrospective. The focus being, an In Depth Analysis of Mega Man X5 for the PlayStation! I sincerely hope you guys enjoy it since I believe it is one of my best reviews yet! With many more to come in 2017!



10 Video Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode

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MegaMan (X~X8) - Σ All Sigma - Final Battles / No Damage

Bosses info: 00:13 Velguader → Shotgun Ice 00:35 Sigma First form → Electric Spark 01:15 Wolf Sigma → Rolling Shield 01:46 Zero → X buster 02:51 Neo Sigma → Sonic Slicer 03:38 Sigma Virus → Strike Chain 04:40 Sigma X3 First Form → Spinning Blade 05:25 Kaiser Sigma → X Buster 06:33 MMX4 First Form → Rising Fire 06:42 MMX4 Second Form → Lightning Web 07:26 MMX4 Final Form → Soul Body & Ground Hunter 09:29 MMX5 First Form → Tri-Thunder 11:00 MMX5 Final Form → Spike Ball 12:25 MMX6 First Form → Ray Arrow¿ & Metal Anchor 13:05 MMX6 Final Form Final Form → Magma blade¿ & Ground Dash 14:35 MMX7 First Form → Volt Tornado 15:32 MMX7 Final Form → Splash Laser 16:56 MMX8 Sigma → Shining Ray 17:56 Lumine First Form → Varies (each one) 19:17 Lumine Second Form → Drift Diamond¿ (Not really)


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MMX Race Practice

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