TOP 10 Best Movie Theaters in world

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10 Facts Movie Theaters Don't Want You to Know

We all love movie theaters for the special feeling they give with fantastic special effects, complete sound immersion and the taste of popcorn. Would you still love them just as much if you found out their secrets movie theater owners don’t want you to know? We’re going to unveil 10 movie theater secrets. In cinemas, many people can’t always keep their feelings to themselves and that’s normal. For example, a movie about cannibals called Raw appeared to be too hard to watch for a couple of visitors at The Toronto International Film Festival in 2016. The people fainted and one of them hit his head badly during the fall. Digital devices can do everything on their own, and there are more automatic processes at a cinema than there were during the previous century. Keep it in mind that in case there are some problems with a projector (the image is blurred, not centered, etc.), you’ll have to stand up and go notify a staff member in the lobby. 20% of the population, including Johnny Depp himself, simply can’t perceive those three dimensions. Harvard Medical School neurobiology professor Dr. Margaret S. Livingstone explains it could be due to stereo-blindness when eyes can’t see in 3D because of the way they are aligned. If you love cleanliness that much, try to visit the cinema in the morning and avoid going there on Friday and Saturday nights when a lot of other people go out to the movies. Music: TIMESTAMPS The biggest part of the profit isn’t earned by ticket sales. 0:49 There’s a lot of piracy. 2:45 A younger audience can watch adult-rated movies. 3:35 Viewers cry, weep, and run out of the hallways. 4:11 Creative ways to sneak in food 5:19 Many people avoid 3D films. 5:57 If there’s something wrong with the picture, the projection booth worker won’t help. 6:58 Cinema halls are full of garbage on weekend nights. 7:38 People often fight at the movies. 8:32 You are being watched! 9:00 SUMMARY -Theaters have to pay a lot to film studios in the first two months of distribution so they have to make their money out of concession. -The cinema staff members who manage to prevent movie theft get a $500 prize. -The younger generations buy a ticket when two movies start simultaneously, and one of them is not R-rated. -A movie about cannibals called Raw appeared to be too hard to watch for a couple of visitors at The Toronto International Film Festival in 2016. The people fainted and one of them hit his head badly during the fall. -One couple stuffed a truckload of food into an infant’s car seat and went to watch a movie. A girl from put some pasta into zip-lock bags and brought them into the cinema with her. -3D glasses give you an illusion of being inside a movie and it drives your visual analyzer crazy. -Even though a movie projector has to be programmed during the day, there’s nobody sitting in the booth when you watch a movie. -A short break between two movies is not enough time for a cinema staff to thoroughly clean up a theater. -Someone who loves to fight will always find a reason to do so. It could be that someone took someone else’s parking place, they talked on the phone during the movie, or someone is chomping too loudly. -Thanks to security cameras, movie theater staff can spot and kick out couples that go too far on their “loveseats”. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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TOP 10 Best Movie Theaters in world
Uplink X – Tokyo, Japan..
Kino International – Berlin, Germany
Alamo Drafthouse – Texas, United States
Cine de Chef – Seoul, South Korea
Prasad – Hyderabad, India

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