Nights of Azure 2 Story Trailer - Upcoming PC, PS4 Switch JRPG 2017

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Nights of Azure 2 Story Trailer - Upcoming PC, PS4 Switch JRPG 2017

Today Koei Tecmo released a new trailer and new screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon.

We also get some info on the game, and more precisely on Servan minions. Among those are the Striker-type servans, that can transform between demons and weapons that Alushe can use in battle. They also comes with abilities that can help her both in close and long range.

We also hear how Alushe and her lilies can perform co-op attack named Double Chase when conditions are met, while our heroine can also use Active Skills and Special Skills providing increased health, attack or defense.

In battle it’s also possible to use the environment at your advantage: breaking flammable barrels can coat the enemies in accelerant that can be ignited by fire elemental spells.

We also get to see how the pre-order bonuses for PS4 and Switch will look on Alushe. They’re respectively the Deception Timenoid Restrains Costume and the Fatal Frame Yuri Kozukata Outfit.

If you pre-order both this game and Blue Reflection, Aluche will be able to wear Hinako’s School Uniform costume, whilst Blue Reflection’s Hinako will get Aluche’s armor. PC gamers will also be able to get the same costumes by purchasing the DLC “Gust costume bonus bundle: Blue Reflection & Nights of Azure 2.”

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