White Day: A Labyrinth Named School || Gameplay Walkthrough -La Sirena en la Azotea - Parte 10 화이트데이

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All GHOSTS - WhiteDay: The School (REMAKE) [NO COMMENTARY]

The Ghost Collection from the game WhiteDay: A Labyrinth named School, also renamed on Western WhiteDay: The School. In this video you can see all the ghosts from WhiteDay, which a lot of them are hidden and you need a few miscellaneous items for them in order to appear. I have tried to add annotations on the images with the ghosts you have seen it at the begin of the video but it seems that Youtube eradicated them. That being said, in case you want to jump straight to a ghost, you can use the description: 0:15 - The Housemistress Spirit 0:52 - Fox Spirit 2:33 - The Lying Female Student 4:38 - Woman in the Closet 4:58 - The Tree Ghost 5:32 - Diary Keeper's Baby 6:53 - The Girl Outside the Windows 7:25 - The Starved Ghost 8:50 - The Girl with a Hidden Face 11:06 - The Library Ghost 11:46 - The Child Who is Solving a Problem 12:36 - Haunted Head Ghost 13:07 - The Attendance Ghost 13:36 - Doppelganger 14:53 - Spider Ghost 16:00 - Face Filled with Hatred 17:37 - Han Na-young / Master of the Labyrinth 19:29 - Mannequin (the video had been corrupted) 21:18 - Mermaid 22:23 - Grandmother Ghost Check out all ghost stories narrated: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbRJhIOWOQMHK3Oxsc0e3NZTxahpgz1XB

All ENDINGS - WhiteDay: A Labyrinth named School REMAKE (NO COMMENTARY)

After a long effort and hours of passing the routes over and over, I present to you folks all endings of WhiteDay REMAKE. Each ending has a name based on the title W H I T E D A Y including a bonus one of the new character, Yoo Ji-Min, M J. ----Endings list: White Crysanthemum (TRUE ENDING) - 0:02 Hyacinth (FORGIVE ME ENDING) - 1:53 Ivy (FRIENDSHIP ENDING) - 2:48 Tuberose (Dangerous Pleasure ENDING) - 4:36 Ebony (Hypocrisy ENDING) - 6:29 Dandelion (Faithfulness ENDING) - 8:50 Althaea (Tired of Love Ending) - 10:31 Yew (Death Ending) - 11:39 --BONUS ENDINGS [NEW CHARACTER Yoo Ji-Min] Jasmine (You are mine ENDING) - 12:07 Marguerite (Hidden Love ENDING) - 13:42

WHITE DAY "Mermaid Death Scene"

Ohhhh the first time that the Mermaid killed me (on hard mode). And i don´t know why but i really like the scene.

Dynasty Warriors 9 New Xun You / Guo Yia Gameplay - TGS 2017 Demo 『真・三國無双8』

Dynasty Warriors 9 New Xun You / Guo Yia Gameplay - TGS 2017 Demo 『真・三國無双8』 Game Info: Dynasty Warriors 9 (真・三國無双8, Shin Sangoku Musou 8) is the ninth main entry of the Dynasty Warriors series. It was first teased by Kou Shibusawa at 2016 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan and formally revealed during Koei's web program Koei-Tecmo Greatest Ever Line Up Special on December 17, 2016. Akihiro Suzuki returns as producer. He has stated that he wants to refresh the one-man superhero experience from the ground up, including new changes to the series's familiar charge attack system. The game will be dubbed in Mandarin for the Chinese port. The Treasure Box edition of the game includes an original soundtrack, a set of character clear cards, and an illustration book. Gameplay Following in the footsteps of Toukiden 2, this game will be the first open world entry for the series. Players will be able to explore the full scope of the battlefield and visit nearby cities or towns. The map has over 10 unique cities where items and other services may be purchased. A day and night cycle similar to Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada is implemented. Weather changes in real time during battles and may hamper the enemy's awareness. Encountering a panda in the wild may cause it to aid players with bonuses. Long-range bow attacks from earlier titles return, though the firing view is in third-person. Can be used to detonate oil cans from afar. Various types of arrows are also available for players to collect. Players can use grappling hooks to invade enemy castles or climb high mountains. Additional actions include double jumping, evading, and fishing. The new state combo system changes the character's attacks depending on their position against surrounding enemies. It comprises of three sequential attacks. Trigger Attack - Initiates a combo by rendering an opponent vulnerable through stunning, juggling, etc. Flow Attack - Hits the target with an array of attacks based on their current state. Finish Attack - Finishes up the combo with a powerful attack. Characters can perform a special action unique to them by pressing Circle and R1 simultaneously. Weapon switching combos have been removed, though players can still swap weapons through the pause menu. Story Mode will strictly follow historical events while putting emphasis on individual stories like in Dynasty Warriors 5. Major battles become easier by finishing prior missions leading up to the event itself. Clearing scenarios is necessary to upgrade existing features of the game. While traveling in-between areas, players may come across hostile tribes, animals, or heavily-guarded supply units. Defeating supply units earn valuable items and money, but doing so will have an impact on upcoming battles. Sub-quests include hunting wild animals and fighting with foreign tribes. New modes of transportation have been added. While the swimming feature is back, players may opt to ride boats to reach distant areas faster. Characters will only be playable in their corresponding eras. Characters All 83 characters up to Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will return for this title. Suzuki told fans not to expect too many new additions to that list.Known debut characters include: Man Chong Xun You Cheng Pu Xu Sheng Zhou Cang PS4『真・三國無双8』プロモーションムービー第2弾 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as1iB6SQJLM 《真‧三國無雙 8》以新角色荀攸一探系列作首次開放世界玩法【TGS 2017 試玩】 《真‧三國無雙 8》智將郭嘉展示全新進化的戰鬥系統【TGS 2017 試玩】

White Day (REMAKE) A Labyrinth Named School - A SEREIA FANTASMA ! - Pt.15

Invadir a escola fechada já não é legal , dá um mergulhinho na piscina pioro mas ainda =( Assista todos os episódios dessa série aqui : https://goo.gl/Lfy9kj Facebook - http://goo.gl/OMDHYM Twitter : http://goo.gl/ZKLJuh Baixe grátis o App do canal para android : https://goo.gl/SMGZWo Download White Day android : https://goo.gl/y7tWjg Download White Day ios : https://goo.gl/M15Jon Me mandem presentes =) Caixa Postal : 82838 CEP : 27135971 Barra do Piraí / RJ

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School || Gameplay Walkthrough Guía completa en Español Parte 10 - 화이트데이 학교라는 이름의 미궁

- Llave de la Azotea (Como Llegar a la Azotea)
- El Fantasma de la Piscina (La Sirena)

´White Day a Labyrinth Named School´ es un juego con una perspectiva asiática de aventuras de terror repleto de gráficos en 3D. En el juego aparecen diferentes leyendas y misterios que tienen como escenario un bachillerato en el que por cierto motivo, el protagonista y las estudiantes se han quedado encerrados y donde se desarrollan historias de misterio y terror.
No aparecen escenas excesivamente crueles ni sangrientas en la pantalla. Tampoco aparecen zombis, así como armas de fuego ni ningún otro tipo de armas. El proagonista es un simple estudiante que deberá defenderse de conserjes poseídos, superar distintos fenómenos sobrenaturales y huir de cualquier fantasma que aparezca. Además, tiene escapar de esa escuela junto a una de las estudiantes que también están allí encerradas.

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