PATH OF EXILE DELVE - New League Reactions (Really surprising)

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Delve into Baeclast #26 ZiggyD, RaizQT, Octavian0 & Grimro

New infinite progression league with Delve means a new Baeclast with infinite off topic "discussion" with the help of a certain BexGGG in the chat. Click below to see more from the cast! ———————————— Follow Grimro @ ———————————— Follow Octavian0 @ ———————————— Follow RaizQT @ ———————————— Follow ZiggyD @ ———————————— Follow Me @

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Here are some tips! Hope you enjoy! 1:10 intro to dump tab 3:30 example of efficiently finishing maps 4:35 example of inefficiently finishing maps 5:51 filtering to bulk sort/sell 6:44 loot filter theory 8:12 !!!sextants!!! 13:16 sell tabs 15:49 leveling gems 20:05 bulk buying and selling 24:12 pre-rolling maps 26:35 tips on corrupting maps 29:05 examples of corrupted maps _________________________________ 30:45 "macro" efficiency 30:52 re-rolling characters 31:37 livesearch [aka woops], _________________________________ 37:13 extra info on leveling jewels 38:35 extra info on tab ordering

RaizQT delves into the announcement of the Delve League, and digs into the details, mechanics, items and features of Path of Exile 3.4. This new Path of Exile league brings us deep down, with an unending dungeon playstyle, completely new to the game. Path of Exile Delve is coming out on August 31, so keep posted for more content on news and other releases of Delve!

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Delve League information
Announcement trailer
Big thanks to Ziggy for letting us watch his video live on stream! You can watch it here

The Flashback League is still underway, and Raiz is hoping to get multiple Alternative Art Demigods this time around, catch the action live!

Flashback race highlights:

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