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10 Driver Mistakes in Racing Games

The best way to be a champion is to know our mistakes. They might remind you sad memories, so I thought showing them in a funny way it would be less... traumatic.

Dirt Rally - Ustawienia Kierowncy/wheel settings for LOGITECH G27/G25/G29/G920 DRIVING FORCE GT

Logitech Settings: Overall: 100 Spring: 0 Damper: 0 540 degrees rotation (possible 360, 720, 900) Allow game to adjust settings checked In game: Steering deadzone: 0% Steering saturation: 100% Steering linearity: 0 Throttle deadzone: 0% Throttle saturation: 100% Brake deadzone: 0% Brake saturation: 100% Clutch deadzone: 0% Clutch saturation: 100% Vibration & feedback: Vibration: On Self aligning torque: 80 % - 100% Wheel friction: 0 Tyre friction: 100% Suspension: 30 % Tyre slip: 100% Collision: 30 Soft lock: 100% Steering center force: 100% Dirt Rally - Ustawienia Kierowncy/wheel settings for LOGITECH G27/G25/G29/G920 DRIVING FORCE GT 1080p

Best Logitec G29 settings for Dirt Rally PS4

Transformed my game and finally found the best settings for Dirt Rally on the PS4

Arcade Longplay [249] SEGA Rally Championship 1995 Played by gunboss201 SEGA Rally is one of the best driving games made by SEGA AM5. This game has smooth graphics, distinct handling style and superb track design. Thus due to the success of this game, it later continued to SEGA Rally 2, SEGA Rally 2006 (Includes the Arcade Version) and SEGA Rally REVO for the Consoles. The Saturn Version ranked 44th out of 50 games in the Guiness World Records-Gamer Edition 2009. This game has 2 cars to choose from : Toyota Celica GT-Four and Lancia Delta HF Integrale. And a 3rd car that can be unlocked in the Saturn Version. This game has 2 endings: -Player not able to finish extra stage (goes to credits showing the track environment.) -Player finishes the Extra Course (Award Ceremony and a quick replay of your driving.) So, I used both cars and both ended up with different endings. Looks like I have to train more on Lancia, because it has a tighter Handling (Grip) compared to Celica. A small turn on the steering wheel doesn't really turn much to me, making me struggle in the game. I can cut almost all of the corners with ease on Celica, although the length of the car is long. I almost can't finish the extra stage even with Celica, took me a few days to get back on track.

Logitech G25/G27 - DiRT Rally Force Feedback Settings by Real Rally Driver

I had a few requests from my previous video on what settings I used with DiRT Rally for my Logitech G25 steering wheel. So I decided to make a small video which shows the settings I use for the steering wheel and in game settings and why I use them. Let me know if you guys like the video and what you think of the settings. Subscribe for more videos!


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